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  1. I know a lot of you arent into rock or metal because most the threads ive seen(kinda new to the city) are rap.

    But everyone has got to listen to Crack The Skye high as fuck at least one time in their life, trippy as fuck. Blood Mountain is awesome too its a concept album all the songs tell a big fucking epic story. Just look up the lyrics haha
  2. Ah hell naw. Crack the Skye is like their worst album lol. Remission is the best, followed by Blood Mountain.
  3. I agree with Dopethrone... Crack the Skye was total bunk. It wasn't Mastodon... it was more like... Dream Theatre
    Any thoughts on the new album? (thought Black Tongue was only worth a couple of plays... so I'm not really excited)
  4. Well, Brann (or Bill, can't remember) said in an interview that it was going to be really heavy, but the songs were going to be varied, he said that one was almost death metal and one was kind of like Zepp on steroids, so it's possible that there were a few proggier tracks, and the label chose on for the single. Black Tongue was alright, but it might grow on me.
  5. Mastodon is fucking sick

  6. idk I just started listning to mastodon again after a year but ill have to agree with you about blood mountain and remession.

    I didnt know they had anything new coming out I need to find it lol.

    Did anyone listen to the Jonah Hex soundtrack? It was all done by Mastodon, death march and clayton boys are worth listening to. also lifesblood
  7. The DON will prevail
  8. Crack The Skye was done in honor of Brann's sister that committed suicide, and is also one of my favorites.

    The Hunter is shaping up to be even better though.

    Though, lately, I've been way more into Brann and Bill's earlier project Lethargy

    [ame=]‪Lethargy - Erased‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
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    Fuck yeah Mastodon.

    I'm not a "metal" fan, but for Mastodon, and also Baroness, I make big exceptions.
    Mastodon came and played my town last fall. Best concert I've been too.

    Crack the Skye is an amazing album. I probably say that because, as I said, I'm not much of a metal fan. I have listened to all their albums, and it is my favorite. It's like the Mars Volta jumped in and helped them write the album (not fucking lame Dream Theater.) The Hunter will be very cool too.
  10. The Hunter looks like it's gonna be great, sort of like a combination of the new more melodious Mastodon and the old sludge metal Mastodon. Pretty cool.

  11. Thank god I'm not the only person who thinks crack the skye was their weakest album. I'm all about Leviathan personally... VERY closely followed by blood mountain and then Remission... not to say that remission isn't a good album too. The new album is going to suck penises. :(
  12. Blood mountain is my favorite metal album ever! Crack the skye just shows their musicians who wanna grow. Voivod and Megadeth are my next choices. Check out nailbomb too.

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