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  1. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my plants for this year and ask a quick question. This year's grow has been pretty much a complete disaster, I admit I wasn't prepared enough and I paid for it with dried up dead plants. This also caused me to only have 6:eek: plants instead of the planned forty or so. As well, I didn't get these babies out until the end of July (enough time for a lowryder cross, but still not the time frame I wanted :p) I just figured I would toss all the plants into one decent sized pot and if they work they work and if not meh. Thankfully though they are doing fairly well.

    Anyway on to my question, I kinda like how fast these plants grow and want to get some seeds to get me through the winter and have some left for next summer. I have never left males in before any time I have grown and I am kinda having trouble finding out how to get the best possible seeds. Should I leave in just the tallest male plant or the one with the most nodes to pollinate the female? I want to pollinate the whole plants so need need to collect the pollen and use a paintbrush or whatever right? If two of the males pollinate the same female is that alright? Thanks very much for any help.

    As you can see in the pictures the plants are pretty cramped :rolleyes: but thats okay. I have four males and two females:cry:in there. Sorry if the pictures are not the greatest, I'm not too good with a camera.


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  2. your gonna need to transplant those.. otherwise the roots are going to get tangled. I like the masterlow, thats a nice cross of master kush x lowryder.. im waiting for them to come in so i can order them too :)
  3. Yeah, I was thinking that the roots will get tangled if they are not already, but with the luck I have had with this grow I don't want to risk it :p Plus I will be getting rid of the males after they pollinate so that is four of the plants gone. It should help. But yeah, I think it is a neat strain, and from what I have read the smoke seems to be decent. Much better than straright lowryder. Good luck with your masterlows when you get the seeds acextreme and thanks for the reply.

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