Master soil mix (Recipes needed)

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  1. So today i went to the local hardware store and picked up some items, i want to mix my soil a few weeks before i plant outdoors because i heard your supposed to let it get weatherd or something. was hoping someone could clear that up with me, do i leave it outside and let rain hit the soil or what.

    These are the numerous products i purchased for my soil recipe.

    Organic Choice Blood meal (miracle grow),
    Organic Choice Bone meal (miracle grow),
    Organic choice organic potting soil (miracle grow),
    and some compost from a plant store.

    I was wondering how much of each of these i should mix with my pro mix soil.

    I was wondering if anyone had any soil recipes.

    I was planning on mixing it on a tarp or something and storing it in a big garbage can or something.

    Also, i have the advanced nutrients hydroponic organic nutrient lineup if any of that could be added to the soil or if it would be necessary to mix a nute mix to water later in the year.

    Thanks for anyones input, i just want to clear up these few things before i mix the batch.

    I was worried about the blood meal / bone meal and other essential nutrients depleating if i do leave it outside to get weatherd. so im commin to the big dogs for a little assistance =P haha.
  2. well from what I heard you do not add the bone meal or blood meal when the plant is a seedling. I don't ever let mine weather. Good Luck:smoking:
  3. My mix is something similar to that

    I use
    1 part mg bone meal
    1 part mg blood meal
    2 parts perlite
    4 parts organic compost
    2 parts peat moss

    I haven't mixed it up yet but it worked fairly well for me last time.
  4. can i get any more input, i need more clear of an answer of howmuch to use, and when...

    They are about 2 1/2 weeks old rite now, i wouldnt just throw seedling in there. but w/e.
  5. Bump, id like to mix it up today.
  6. U have to make a base soil first,base soil earth worm castings ,lime,perlite and pro mix.also mix in a little organic compost together...keep that separate from super mix...super mix consists of all base mix with the blood meal,bone meal and if you can get some trace minerals would be great...mix that together to get super mix...super mix on bottom of pot,maybe 1/3 of the pot.base mix is the rest of the pot or hole...put starters into base mix..starter roots will grow into super mix...let super mix sit in sun for about Three weeks till a month...then use...will burn plants if used earlier...if u have any chicken manure or rabbit manure would be good instead of blood meal..good luck
  7. sorry forgot tell you to mix super mix every other day to stir up mix...i dont know how much of each you have but make sure you mix up really good...
  8. So your saying mix my pro mix with perlite and vermiculite and my organic compost.

    then mix some of that with bone meal and blood meal but keep it seperate from the first mix.

    Now can i spray water on the soil and let it dry out in the sun to speed the process because i cannot wait 3 weeks.

    anyone have any other ideas / criticism?

  9. That mix would kill. That's 10 percent blood meal and 10 percent bone meal. I dont think that will work.

    Hey man. You should check out the guide in my sig. You'll find everything you need to know about soil mixes.

    Rippa is telling you correct. Its best if you have a starter mix for your young seedlings. It happens I make mine with MGOC, which you have, and earthworm casting, and vermiculite. The castings and MGOC provide all the nutes those young seedlings will ever need. Plant your little sprouts in this mix, in a four inch pot and let them grow out the pot before planting them in your other mix, which can be 33% each of peat or promix, composted manure or humus or topsoil, and perlite or perlite vermiculite blend. Per bale of peat (3.8 cu ft or 25 gallons) add 4 heaping cups of lime, 3 cups of blood meal, and four cups of bone meal. Wet this mix and try to let it sit for at least a week before using.

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