master kush seeds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by rockycrag, May 12, 2011.

  1. why are the seeds so cheep like 30 bucks a ten pack if its an award winning strain.. and some other kushes like 100 for ten pack?????
  2. some breeder are hacks, some are not .........

    that is why we have Google so you an search what strain you want to grow and get the best version of it .

    what are you looking at/for ..maybe I can help, have been navigating breeders "claims" for 10 + years now...
  3. It doesn't work on price, some breeders just chrage more than others. Mandala and femaleseeds both have very good genetics for very little cost while some of the others charge huge for bad strains. Thats not to say that everything expensive isn't worth buying though some of the high end strains from Mr Nice, Rez and DJ shorts for example are worth paying extra for sometimes :smoke:
  4. thanks for the help guys. I was looking at a master kush x purple rhino, i believe they are both from nirvana. i know Wr is a cup winner and saw that Mk was also,and all the Mk prices ive been looking at have been around $30.. and some people are chargin 300 for alien og's ..

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