Master Kush, Haze x Cheese (SCH), Strawberry Cough, Super Silver Haze.

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  1. Hey guy's, so I've started a few new grow's but I think it is only this one I will be documenting for now.
    I currently have 3 Master kush, 5 SCH (my own homemade strain:D), 2 strawberry cough and 2 SSH seedlings. They range from 4days old (SSH) to 7days old (Master Kush's).
    I currently have em under a 400w mh but will eventually move them to a tent under 2 600w hps with a 250w cfl in the middle as supplementary lighting 6inch intake and outtake.
    The setup I have them in for now is pretty ghetto, I fliped a table up and hung my light from the table leg's then pushed the table against the wall and added a clip on fan lol. I'm not even PH'ing yet or anything as non of my tools are at hand and I'm too lazy to go get em for now lol ( hope it dosn't backfire on me down the line).
    Err, so guess that it for now, so, I'll take some pic's and post them up in a second.
    Anything you wanna know that I may not have included just ask and I'll answer as soon as.
  2. Following this one as i missed your last one:D gonna be a show this like that cfl in the middle of the them all should at least help with middle growth:wave:
  3. Ok, so here are my girls.
    Pic 1 - 3 Master Kush (7days old)
    Pic 2 - 5 SCH (6 and 5 days old)
    Pic 3 - 2 SSH (4 days old)
    Pic 4 - Strawberry Cough (5 days old)
    Final 3 are my ghetto as they get setup. All in all, I've spent 0 on everything so far, even the soil is partially re-used lol, only expense so far is electric but running 423w 18 hours a day aint hurting my pockets just yet:D

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  4. Thanks spike, I'm thrilled to have you along for the ride. As soon as I move em to a tent, it should all become interesting then with 1200w of light smacking them lol. I forgot to add, I plan to put them in 15litre pots (if i can find em). they are in 3oz pots at the moment
  5. 1200w u greeedy lol but it will produce to fine dank weed:smoke: and 15ltr pots cooool am using 11ltr pot so far will be grabbing prob a 15ltr or bigger pot tomorrow...:hello: crazy size pots eh:D

  6. Lol, thats if I can find pots that big otherwise I'll have to settle with 11litre pots or some 12litre paint pots I have lying around:rolleyes:
  7. the hydro shop had much much bigger pots in haha too big for my grow tent n all.. crazy!!! hope you find summit:D

  8. Bump this up i got an 18ltr pot bro for like £2 haha it was hard to transplant from root bounded 11ltr to a 18ltr pot aha was a crazy transplant night.. this was a like 9days ago and she beastly now... keep up the hard work bro... keep me posted and come n stop by mine sometime as av got some porn to show you aha:p


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