Master Kush and bagseed

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  1. Sup everyone. This is my second grow.
    Right now they're in my veg box 26x24x30 lit with a dual 24" t5 light.

    Probably going to veg for around 2-3 weeks then into the flowering room.

    flowering room is 30x24x72 with a 400w air cooled hps.

    Pics from 10/7/08
    Also i have 5 sprouts of the MK now not 4. ONE MK seed dried out and died. :(

    Day 13: bagseed

    Day 3: Master Kush 4 sprouts so far!

    My unfinished veg box:
  2. Little update

    Day 16 : bagseed Going to start it's first feeding today when I get home.

    Day 6 : Master Kush every other water they're getting small doses of biobizz rootmax

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