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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by slowhand04, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Would you be able to create a massive marijuana plant by starting it in seed in the fall and growing it 24/7 in a growbox all the way up till the following summer and put it on 12/12 into flowering around september of the next year? If you put it in a growbox and then put it into like a plastic pool for flowering you could make a pretty huge reefer tree.
  2. I was thinking about this man, instead of a bunch of plants, just one super plant that you put all your energy into. Just a bunch of training and supercropping to keep her down and then maybe put her out at the start of the summer at 5 or 6 feet... a giant hedge! Why havent we seen this? The yield would be amazing...I wish i could see this.
  3. Yeah exactly, would it be possible to keep a plant on 24hr light schedule for a year+? it would be a combination of indoor and outdoor growing
  4. yes it is possible to keep a plant on a light cycle for a whole year, im sure it could survive on 24 hours given the correct conditions and feeding. Bonsai moms are little mother plants that are kept for years and if i remember right, the oldest ones can last 6 -7 years.
  5. that's an awesome idea :D but if you grow it from seed it would have to be a feminized seed. or you might get one huge male :rolleyes: or take a bunch of seeds, put one stem of all plants into flower with a bag for 12/12 and take the strongest female.

    Also you need to take a strain that has the genetics to go huge... those amazone genes from K.C. Brains would do perfect since there are plants that grow 14 feet tall in one season.
  6. Thats what I did this year. Started my plant in early January indoors. Tied it down and topped it a bunch inside then put it outside when it was about a 2 foot diameter bush. I continued tying down and topping it outside and right now its about 5-6 feet tall, 8 feet wide, and the main stalks about 4 or 5 inches thick, I cant even fit my hand around it. If I hadnt topped it at all I wouldnt doubt that itd be damn near 20 feet tall by now.
  7. hootskers if you have a picture please post, i am eager to see this. i remember seeing a picture on another forum where a pot plant was literally the size of a tree next to someones home, if i can find it i will try and post.
  8. When that starts to bud, it's going to stink up a 10 block radius.
  9. I wish I did but the only camera I have is on my phone and I dont hve a usb cord for it. Its not quite the size of anyones house, but by the time its done growing itll probably be about the size of an apple tree with a short trunk. Im hoping for a couple pounds off of her, and I have 8 more lankier 6 footers Im hoping for another couple pounds off of.
  10. Is it flowering? If not it may not finish in Mi. man unless you guys git' real late frost this pics pics ;)
  11. kinda what I did too. started mine april 5th fimmed top branches twice and lower once. most plants are about 3-4 ft wide and 5-8 ft tall the early mistys and hawaii skunk #1s are flowering along with 3 white widow.

    I kept them root bound for a month to keep em a little smaller. By harvest Im sure some will be over 10 ft tall.

    i counted 60 some main tops on my biggest girl
  12. Im not really worried about that. Ive had plants almost as big as this one and they finished in plenty of time...usually the third week of October. I always try to keep my plants out till the first frost anyway. Seems to help them dense up and give them a little bit of an extra kick.

    Ya dude, its the way to go, all I grow are bushes. I just keep on topping every top that pops up until the end of July. Theres probably close to 100 tops on my big girl.
  13. theres gonna be human sized cola's and shit lol
  14. how much do you typically yeild per plant this size? for all my strains they claim 450 grams per cubic metre of SOG, does this apply to a cubic metre of regular outdoor growth too?
  15. there is a strain i saw at kindseed that says outdoor plants get 1500g per plant. O_O
  16. Ha, I dont know about that, baseball bat sized probably though.
    I think that is the wet weight that theyre giving you, so you need to take 25-33% of that and thatll be what youll get under ideal conditions. Chances are you do not have a perfectly ideal set up, so Id anticipate getting less. As far as outdoors yielding as much as a SOG...Im not really sure. It seems like it could be about the same, but there are so many variables that affect weight outside that its hard to say.
    Once again, probably the wet weight. Thatd be about 54 ounces off of one plant. If you can get that, youre a god.

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