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  1. gonna be moving back north and was wondering if there was any one in that area that would maybe wanna chill with the skittles?? ill go into more details and how excited i REALLY am later on tonight..but atm i just wanted to let ppl kno and now i gotta run!! pc!
  2. What part of mass are you going to be in? I've got some family near Worcester . . . .
  3. If I'm down in your area when you move I'll be sure to stop by and chill :wave:
  4. drive down to CT,

    or go to 6 fags.

    i meet u there:wave:
  5. worce area/millbury/grafton for a temp time then idk where ill be perm based..but i kno itll still be in worce county
  6. im in boston hit me up..
  7. Is that some kind of gay bar
  8. I'm in springfield MA. PM me if you need any hook ups.
  9. id love to visit mass..

    just the thought of doing a OMNISH chick,,,,,

    gets my leg jumpin.....:D
  10. Do you mean Amish?

    I don't think we have any Amish people in Massachusetts
  11. i think it's omnish,,,, them people who ride around in horse drawn buggies,,, and have no running water or electricity,,,,,,,,

    could you imagine the '' callouses'' she would have on her butt-cheeks,, from a lfetime of riding in that bouncing ass buggy.....

    oooohhhh yeah thats what im talkin about,,,,,,,,yo.:cool:
  12. its definitely Amish, lol
  13. jhahah no amish people in mass bro they are all in pennsylvania i got a ton of family there and we stop in this town on the way usually and u drive through a town like that its crazy and good luck hooking up with one they dont typiccally associate with......"OTHER" people
  14. I live in Worcester County.
  15. chicken...ur a riot man!:p
  16. theres plently of bud in the murda mills
    lowell strait up
  17. I'm about 25 minutes from the border of Worcester county, and my gas tank usually has something in it.

    Oh, and start practicing the pronounciation of the town and city names or you will stick out like a soar thumb amongst all those Flatlanders. And be prepared to encounter some of the worst drivers you will ever know (and "we're city drivers" is a bullshit excuse for not knowing how to use a roundabout or your turn signal).
  18. lol foop...dear...iv only lived in tn 2 years...the other 20 were in

    so i doubt ill have ne issues:p
  19. A native Flatlander... I'll only come visit if it means I don't have to get in a car with you.

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