Massachusetts Man Dies Over Marijuana Overdose (SATIRE)

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  1. Shocking news about how a man in Massachusetts dies over marijuana overdose.
    Here's a link to the article. I think we should all take a moment to realize what we are doing with our lives.

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  2. Lmfao is that 50 Tyson?

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  3. To start with, just how much faith can you put in a blog that starts off "some guy in masechusits kill himself over marijuana cause hhe sayd he was addicted." (I have seen 3rd grade papers that were better written!   :cool:  )
    Also the article (crudely) states that he suicided over his perception that he was addicted to cannabis, not that he fatally overdosed. Your title of "Massachusetts Man Dies Over Marijuana Overdose!" is highly inaccurate to say the least!
    If you are going to report news, it should be news! Maybe something like this-
    \tMedical marijuana gains traction in the Deep SouthATLANTA (AP) - Medical marijuana has been a non-starter in recent years in the Deep South, where many Republican lawmakers feared it could lead to widespread drug use and social ills. That now appears to be changing, with proposals to allow a form of medical marijuana gaining momentum in a handful of Southern states.

    </div>Twenty states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, and this year powerful GOP lawmakers in Georgia and Alabama are putting their weight behind bills that would allow for the limited use of cannabis oil by those with specific medical conditions. Other Southern states are also weighing the issue with varying levels of support.
    The key to swaying the hearts of conservative lawmakers has been the stories of children suffering up to 100 seizures a day whose parents say they could benefit from access to cannabidiol, which would be administered orally in a liquid form. And proponents argue the cannabis oil is low in tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that makes users feel high.
    "I'm an unlikely champion for this cause," said Georgia Rep. Allen Peake, a businessman from Macon who attended the evangelical Dallas Theological Seminary. "Once people realize it's not a 6-year-old smoking a joint, most folks realize this is the compassionate thing to do." (snipped)
    The south is finally rising to legalize cannabis use is NEWS, that some poor, mentally disturbed, young man killed himself for a "non-reason", is only "local news", at best.
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  4. Hahahahaha... I haven't laughed all day until now. Thanks for that OP.
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  5. Tragic.  Just tragic.
    He must've smoked 4 marijuanas, I heard that's enough to stop your heart.
    Let that be a lesson to everyone...just be safe and stick with 3.5 marijuanas.
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    Heya Granny!
    It was all just a practical joke. I'm sorry that you did not find it amusing (I mean that sincerely). I was simply poking fun at how ridiculous and inaccurate some media outlets can be with reporting news over marijuana.
    Again, sorry that you did not enjoy the joke. I assure you that, had I wanted to make it a more serious troll, I would have. It was meant to have the credibility of a second grade English project.
  7. how would you even determine if he died of " Marijuana overdose " lol .
  8. That's easy, there would be about 40,000 roaches laying around.
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  9. He had a joint still stuck in his arm. That's how you know.

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  10. Just attempting to read that caused me far more mental damage than all the weed I've ever smoked did.  Sheesh.
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    Saw that yesterday reposted by our local news.  Got in lots of positive rebuttals to the farkwits going all panic button over it.  Although they were few and far between.  That alone is encouraging.
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  12. Ziggy, the facts are coming out! With the press reporting of the kids with Dravet's Syndrome,...
    Families migrate to Colorado for marijuana miracle          (news – 2013)
    Dr Gupta saying that he was wrong about cannabis....
    Why I changed my mind on weed            (news – 2013)
    while farmers are eyeing hemp as a versatile, high return crop!
    Hemp growers cooperatives' report touts crop's benefits to coal       (news – 2014)
    And don't forget that Colorado took in over $1.2 million in taxes (info from the shops who chose to share their info) the first month...
    Colo. weed has already brought in $1.2M in taxes
    Politicians, doctors, farmers and everyday people will be doing a LOT of rethinking about cannabis as long as they keep popping up!  We have to comment frequently and educate with each comment! The "farkwits" sure are going to be commenting and spreading "disinformation"!  And there will also be folks you can help-
    there are many uses for mj. now that they are starting to test it. before we didn't have the tech we needed to show how good it was. they always said it kills brain cells but now they know that it helps the brain. I for one know it helps me I have fibromyalgia and I am bipolar. dr's prescribed lithium since I was a teen. now lyrica as well then last yr they said my kidneys were starting to fail do to the meds. I have a job and 2 kids what am I suppose to do? I don't smoke all the time just when needed like when I go to bed my kids never see it. it would be nice to be able to have it legally. my doctor knows I smoke and will prescribe it for me. I am afraid that the drug company's will stop it form becoming legal. after all they will lose money.
    Tiffany, I hope your state in one of those that legalizes MMJ this year. Do you know about tinctures? They are simple to make and work almost as fast as smoking. Tinctures won't smell up your house and they take only a moment to use. There are two basic types, alcohol-based and glycerin based. Since herbalists make tinctures all the time with their herbs, it is very easy to find recipes! Run a search for "BadKittySmiles" for tincture, and many other, recipes.
    Hope that helps! The hubby is calling me out of the den to have a toke!  :wave:
  13. I loved the highlighted part. :smoke:
    [SIZE=.8em]Blah blah all rights reserved 2014, jk we have no rights. I'm just putting in filler so this looks more real. How was your day? Good? Great. I'm just going to[/SIZE]​
    put in one of those symbols that mean srs bsns because it looks cool ©
    [SIZE=.8em]If you could not tell this was fake, your name might just be Jayquandis DeLawn L'Darrius.[/SIZE]​
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    Oh shit! This guy finally figured out how to ingest over 1500 pounds of THC in under 15 minutes!? Fucking impressive! Don't mourn this guy...he deserves a medal!
  15. LOL the only reason to mourn is that he was to high and forgot to leave notes on how he pulled it off.
  16. new siq alert​
     Blah blah all rights reserved 2014, jk we have no rights. I'm just putting in filler so this looks more real. How was your day? Good? Great. I'm just going to
    put in one of those symbols that mean srs bsns because it looks cool  Â©
    If you could not tell this was fake, your name might just be Jayquandis DeLawn L'Darrius
  17. He was an edjumacated dude too before he smoked the devils herb. So tragic.. I quit smoking guys.

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  18. I heard he took 4 marijuanas then took one more… scary stuff
  19. ohhhh someone done effed up bad...miffed GSC...
    I'll sit over here...

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