Mass Medical Card in 2013?

Discussion in 'General' started by IronGiant, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Hey guys so mass has recently passed medical marijuana. 2013 is right around the corner. Does anyone have any suggestions how I should go about getting my medical card? Such as what doctors are recommended, licensing fees, etc etc

    P.s I do have a medical condition worthy of medical marijuana.
  2. dont know why but i interpreted the title as mass amount of people will have a medical card by 2013
  3. If the laws are going to be anything like CT then you're going to need a long-term relationship with a doctor to get a card (although I think they failed to define long-term).

    Protip: Research crohns disease

    I (actually) have it and all medical marijuana states specifically put crohns disease on the list of approved medical problems.

    To sum it up:
    - Random horrible stomach pains (feels legit like a hot ball of lead was dropped on your lower stomach)
    - Horrible stomach pains after eating certain foods (popcorn kernels especially, chips, anything point and not easily digested)
    - Diarrhea and sometimes blood (gross right?)
    - Lack of eating/not ever being hungry

    If you theoretically went to your doctor and told him you have the above symptoms, he'll refer you to a specialist. I would tell the specialist directly that you smoke weed recreationally and you've noticed it really helps with the pain/cramps/eating.

    But that's all theoretical of course.
  4. If it will be like CO, all you will need to do is to bring some medical records outlining your condition and you will be fine.

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