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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by poosah, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Any thoughts about when to start an outdoor grow in mass this year? Im itching to start the grow.:D
  2. sup fellow mass blade, we got to wait tillthe last frost which is usually very late april to early mayish
  3. I live in south mass and will also be growing out doors. It just snowed yesterday so waiting til May, Good luck!

  4. When do you usually harvest?
  5. [quote name='"poosah"']

    When do you usually harvest?[/quote]

    Same time as everyone. September seems reasonable.
  6. I usually harvest early Oct, hopefully before the frost! Although I have had plants go through a frost before and no ill effects fortunately. Most strains don't start flowering til early/mid Aug in my experience.
  7. hopefully we have better weather this season then last!
  8. Already much warmer than normal for this time of year but who knows it could snow in 2 weeks for all we know.
  9. sllllowwww downnn. still got some time before its safe to start
  10. I think it' be a good grow season for us New Englanders, been real nice out ;)
  11. yeah you gotta wait another 2 months to scratch that itch.I just hope it doesnt rain too much, swamp grows fml
  12. Whats up homie, south east MA here.

    As you probably are already aware, this year is wicked warm so far. Im thinking the weather might be nice enough to put em outside late april early may, but that completely depends on whether or not this trend keeps up ( 75 this wednesday??!)

    I started my plants 2 weeks ago so they will be pretty big by the time they go outside.
  13. hey dudes, I've been living on cape for nearly 6 years, and from experience, if they stand, they stand, and if they fall they fall
    Ive had plants survive from February/March outdoors and even reaped in November on cape.
    but I would have to say, the best month to start seeds is April, unless its an auto that way you have enough time to complete it without yoo much bud rot (September/October reap), and trust me, it makes no sense cutting a plant with white pistils in the fall, its like greeen fruit, it will never ripen

  14. I agree...but green fruit does ripen lol :p (think bananas)
  15. start right now! get ahead of spring and get ur babies under some shop lights in the garage! they say knee high by july? shit ours are 5 footers by july! nor cal baby..
  16. not green skin, but green meaning underdeveloped.....
    green bananas are like weed with partial red pistils LOL, you still get partial-maturity-effects etc.
  17. man this weather is makin me crazy. sposed to be close to 80 and sunny all week. wanna get this shit started but its technically still winter. ugghhhh.
  18. same too man its so sunny out, but you dunno the weather could just flip in the blink of an eye
  19. just like that october storm came outa nowhere. haha. watch we'l all get our shit set up and then it'l snow a foot and the power will be out for 2 weeks again :p

  20. yea right dude, weather always seems to do some funky shit

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