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Mason Jars

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by FatDutchie, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. If you live that life, then you should have a mason jar.  If you don't then step ya game up!

  2. i fail to see the reason for this thread
  3. How long does it keep the buds fresh for im thinking of buying one but i just use baggies
  4. your weed shouldn't be "fresh." It goes through a curing process usually involving jars before it gets to you(or it should anyways). But keeping your weed in a jar will preserve the aroma and taste so that's a good reason.
    When i keep in in dimebags they get really dry and yes lose the aromas. Im looking into buying a jar like this but is it honestly worth it?
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    Theres no reason for this thread... you sound like a 15 year old thats stoked he has a little jar to show his weed off.
    Edit: I don't have a mason jar to keep my buds in, I use tupperware containers, and I most certainly "live that life" Do I need to "step my game up" ?
  7. I personally love the burst of aroma that I get when I open the jar for a sesh and that alone makes it worth it to me.
  8. #9 Lodi Dodi, Jul 18, 2013
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    Baggies are for noobs. If you're not rocking a jar, yeah probably should step your game up.

    Or you're smoking bud that a jar isn't needed for.  But basically once I graduated from mids, I always keep my shit in a jar.....for smells sake honestly more then anything else.  Got the Mason with the Zip, got the little pill bottle to fill and take with me.

    EDIT: Tupperware is equally appreciated in my house lol
  9. Jars usually keep things legit for about 6-8 months.. wouldn't trade my mason for anything
  10. I love the haters for no reason.  You mad bro?
    well concidering there like 10 bucks or something for a bunch of them, yes there worth it. its not really a big decision lol there so cheap and work better than anything so if your a regualr smoker or u keep a nice stash ur missing out big time if u dont use them. not trying to be a dick but the way u said it is like your thinking of spending 600 bucks on some kind of fancy peice. when something this effective is this cheap do u really need to think about buying "one" and ask people if its worth it lol...

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