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Masking the smell when smoking outside?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by OVERKEEPSNYAYDAM, Feb 12, 2014.

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    My GF knows I smoke, she doesn't really ever give me too much shit but she hates it when the condo smells like bud when I come inside after smoking. I know how the smell can stick to you even when you're doing it outside, so any advice? A buddy of mine told me a portable vaporizer wouldn't smell as much especially if I'm smoking outdoors. If that's the case, any recommendations?

  2. Just wear a jacket while smoking, and take it off before walking inside.
  3. yea wear a jacket outside take it off when your in, wash hands maybe use listerine and you should be good

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  4. Get a stoner girlfriend. Getting blazed with your significant other is an experience like nothing else. ;D
  5. there shouldnt be very much smell if youre smoking outside. like others said a smoking jacket could be useful. spray a little cologne on maybe
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    Blow the smoke up, try to use bowls/portable devices, rather than joints. Gum helps for your breath. Avoid wearing clothing that you know smoke will stick to (such as cotton, wool, etc.). Waterproof/resistant coats are often good, I personally have a North Face jacket that is good for smoking outdoors. 
    This article helped me a good bit:
    Vaping is particularly useful because it gives off much less smell in comparison to smoking. Although I don't have personal experience with them, I really want an MFLB or an Arizer Solo to start. EDIT: from what I've researched, they're very cost effective and healthier.
  7. for what its worth, my mflb (which i feel isnt a very good vape) is odorless. at this point its the only reason to use it, i could vape a trench and two minutes later so,ebody could walk in the room and be clueless
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    A vape would be a more expensive route. Some people swear by the mflb, however I've heard just as many complaints. I plan to get a pax one day. Don't just get some cheapo vape. You get what you pay for. Mflb is about the cheapest worth considering.
    This fo sho.  Washing your hands is key.
  10. I switched to wax and I've only been told I smell like pot once. You also get much higher :)

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