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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by kraiz, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. how can u get medical mj in maryland? i have bad back pains and adhd. could i jsut go stay in cali for a month or 2 and get it? are u allowed to bring medical mj on an airplane?
  2. According to NORML's website, Maryland has an active MMJ program.
  3. ive read all that but what does that exactly mean? liek if i have weed on me i goto jail and wait until court before i can defend myself?
  4. It means that if you get busted with weed but get a doctors notice saying that you have a medical condition which could possibly be helped by MMJ, then the MAX penalty you could recieve is a $100 fine.
  5. so i culd just carry the note in my pocket? and all i ahev to do is have a note from a doctor saying i have insomnia and he recomends use of marijuana?
  6. I think that would be a fine idea, but I'm not sure if it would work because I've never gotten caught. I just know if you bring that note with you to court after you get caught then all they can give you is a $100 fine.
  7. so iedhave to get locked up, charged, post bail, then cum to court with a note, that sucks... also, if i have a note, can i goto cali, buy sum medi marijuana, then fly it back on a plane legally? or is it still illegal to brign weed on a plane even if u have a note?
  8. I suppose you would have to go through that process. You couldn't go to Cali to get it unless you bought it illegally, because you have to be a Cali resident to get a club card. I've never heard about a person bringing MMJ on an airplane, but if you wanted to do it legally you'd have to contact the air service first. I'm sure they wouldn't have a problem if you had a doctor's note.
  9. hmm... this all sounds risky, but kind of worth it at the same time. i kinda wish i culd legally smoke to fall asleep. but all the bud around here sucks, thats why i asked about the cali thing. im going to have to ask my doctor about the note.
  10. I used to have insomnia problems, and smoking before I slept the entire summer fixed it really nicely so its worth it. Which part of Maryland do you live in that you can't find good bud?
  11. montgomery county, its really dry. if u have AIM mine is justjoeysmith

    hit me up if u wanna talk.
  12. ay son i stay in the city but im trying to see what really good out maryland so if anybody know wats good hit me that we can talk at

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