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Maryland KB Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, May 27, 2010.

  1. It's a shame I don't even know what MD KB weed is, when I live in Maryland .xD

    I heard it's a special strain that's pretty exclusive in maryland?
    What strain type is it? Powerful?

    Thanks :smoking:
  2. KB = Kind bud, slang for dank.

    With that being said, it's dank from Maryland. That's as exclusive as I think you're going to get, :cool:.
  3. Yeah, anytime someone says 'KB' they're just referring to kind bud aka dank.

    So it's not some Maryland exclusive strain, it just means Maryland dank.
  4. its Kine Bud not Kind Bud but ya its just good bud from MD.
  5. Its really good bud that comes from baltimore. There are so many ships/harbors over there that its where most drugs are smuggled in.
  6. Thank you! It's Kine Bud. Not Kind.
  7. i need to try that very soon...

  8. Not to be rude but KB in maryland areas is like between mids and beasters. usually sells for 15 a g.
    not really a strain its sorta a grade.
    it can be powerful,depending on if its grown properly..dried correctly and etc etc.
  9. #9 Willy The Squid, May 27, 2010
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    Yeah hes right, I live in MD as well. It really is just beasters. There is some medicinal buds in MD right now. I wouldn't pass up any popular kush strain for KB ever.

    Unfortunately, the best bud in MD is mediocre buds compared to places popular for medical mj, like Cali being way far ahead in the list obviously. I wouldn't get overly excited about it, chances are you smoked it before anyway.

    Until everyone follows Calis lead, were probably going to be puffing on subpar mj for a while. I have had the pleasure smoking lots of medical strains, its just quality, from the growing process, from the buds themselves, its just quality.

    just my thoughts

  10. Not even! i live in baltimore county and i can get bud just as dank as shit on here, you just gotta know the right people maynne
  11. I don't know what you guys are talking about but here in Annapolis, MD KB refers to beasters, not dank. If it is really good stuff we say the name brand or dank.
  12. yeah, KB in maryland is usually 15 a g shit. and i've never really heard of anything being "exclusive" to maryland. everyone in my county right now is getting shit shipped from california because of a sick hook-up they recently got.
  13. I know what you mean man, my dealer has gotten a hookup in cali recently so I was able to get some thai super skunk and some LSD. Its amazing stuff. Beasters I was under the impression that it means bud that came from BC, Canada so why is everyone saying KB in maryland is beasters??
  14. Hell ya, I hear you guys. I have been getting better quality buds now than I have ever in MD. Its also medicinal, so I heard it is all coming from Cali as well.
  15. Where I'm from (massachusetts) kine bud goes for $10 a g, the quality is in between middies and dank.
  16. I'm not too sure about that, transporting bud from MD seems risky..expensive..and just a hassle, what a lot of people dont realize is that how a crop is grown will predict how it will turn out.for example

    Schwag= beginner grower.
    Mids= okay grower.
    KB= has some experience not quite there yet.
    Dank= grower has some years under their belt knows what they are doing.
    my thoughts are all bud comes from a seed and depending on how it treated will reflect the end product.
  17. Yeah im from maryland. KB is between mids and some dank. its pretty good and a good price.
  18. of course it's not cali but average bud

    owings not too far
  19. word, 2 of my connects are from local growers i know personally. and the others are apparently from cali.
  20. i live in maryland and i've gotten some sour diesel, blue dream, lemon og kush, and purple master kush in the last month. you just have to know the right people.

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