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Martial arts + marijuana?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TurtleSocks, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I do jiujitsu, box, and wrestle every once in a while. I'm a big fan of MMA and I've heard that Nick Diaz trains while high. I'm new to this weed thing and was wondering how long I should wait to toke and train or all the other little details about it.

    Has anyone ever done anything like that? What are all the small details I should know?
  2. Don't know exactly, but I know a lot of people who like to toke before they do their workouts and stuff. Depends on the person really man.
  3. It really doesn't matter. You can smoke a hour before you train or a minute before you train the only difference will be how high you are.
  4. Try it for yourself. You won't know unless you try. Just make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, but also don't over do it because your body will start getting cramps from too much water
  5. If you ever get around to competing, bud will make your tougher weight cuts A LOT easier.

    I've done a few different martial arts, including Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco-Roman Wrestling, and I consumed Cannabis the entire time I trained, and as far as I could tell, my sober performance was unhindered.

    I noticed that any intense contact/training was especially uncomfortable while high, so I usually only burned before doing yoga or meditation while training.

    Now a days when I exercise, I normally do so twice a day, once in the morning after a cup of coffee, and then again around 4ish after a vape session.

    But then again everyones different..:smoke:
  6. hiyah mate im a kickboxer and i smoke regularly before and after training if your smoking before training make sure the strains is sativa dominant also ive done some BJJ and found that when in a lock that is hard to get out of the herb seems to let you think clearer and stop you from panicing so you can escape the hold crazy shit man.
  7. i used to do bjj, i would sometimes train while high but i would always smoke really helps to relax and get a high amount of calories in :D . if you get high before, always make sure it's a sativa. and don't get really high, especially at first.

  8. I don't cut weight because I fight at my natural weight. WAY harder but still fun. My professors and teammates are trying to get me up a couple weight classes but my metabolism is so high that it's hard to gain any type of weight. My weight is usually between 110-115. If it gets up around 118, 119, everyone is happy. Would smoking make it harder to gain mass? I'm not sure if my diet would affect it but would being vegetarian change anything?

  9. Junior year of high-school I got pushed up to 145 because of our stud 140, and I smoked a ton to keep my calorie intake up during pre-season lifting, it took me a month or so to become a solid '45 pounder.

    Then once season hit and I was having 10 workouts a week, I slimmed down a bit too much...:rolleyes:

    All in all, cannabis can be great for sucking down those extra calories, especially if you use caffeine or other pre-workout drinks.

    I'd recommend cutting some weight if you want to become a serious competitor, especially in the lighter classes.

  10. I heard peanut butter also works for extra calories. I don't really do anything for my calories besides eat normally but I'm gonna try to get extra calories in and take my training time from maybe 10hr a week to around 35hr at least. (If you wanna be a champion, you gotta train like one. Same is said for blue and black belts.)

    The reason I don't cut is because I'm already in the smallest BJJ weight class. (118 and under.) I have a couple teammates in that weight too and since my pool is so small, I end up rolling against people on my team. My professors said if no one grows in our team grows out of the weight class, I should be the first one too try to go up. (After I get more aggressive. I'm too gentle when it comes to rolling against people I don't know because I don't know their limits.)
  11. Smoking before training just makes me mega lazy but I've been the same with all sports, cycling soccer etc if I blaze first then I'll end up not doing anything
  12. Weed does fuck with your depth perception a little, when I'm really high shapes seem "shapeier", like edges of objects stand out more clearly, things seem further or closer than they actually are, like going for a glass of milk and brushing the side of the glass, knocking the whole thing all over the place.
  13. Yea it's pretty awesome just beware, You could be disqualified for using performance enhancing drugs! :bongin:

  14. Weed is a PED?
  15. Drink a gallon of whole milk a day, if you still don't see results, up it to half-and-half.

    And I think he was making a joke..but it should be!
  16. Joe Rogan (Jiujitsu black belt, UFC commentator (If you know who Nick Diaz is I'm sure you know Rogan)) Recommends training while stoned, he says it helps him concentrate and relax more easily and he gets a better workout. Like the other users already said, you might want to drink more water as you can get dehydrated pretty quickly.
  17. Yeah I did it a couple of times before Muay Thai and it was alright, but training is more effective while sober for me.
  18. I used to get high before doing krav maga, and i enjoyed it. I wouldn't recommend it however unless u have gotten used to functioning while being high. Doing a fighting sport when ur stupid high is a VERY VERY BAD IDEA
  19. I trained boxing for 6 years before stoping this year, and weed really held me back. I'd get my ass kicked by guys i would usually beat the shit out of when i would go high. Not a good idea to spar or fight high. Lifting and cardio high is another story however. Trust me you will be off of your game if you fight high and you will lose to guys that shouldn't be able to beat you.

  20. Nah, fighting high probably isn't a very good idea. But training or exercising is sometimes better on the bud.

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