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  1. bush sends troops to the boarder to keep illegal immigrants out. sounds like we are using the military to police american soil. we are all fucked!
  2. But.. illegal immigrants ARE illegal.. I just feel soo sorry for the people who come here hating america yet are trying so desperately to come here. (sarcasm)

    Have you ever lived in any other country? There's tons of border problems all across the world. It's not just here. Hell I heard even norway has some strict immirgrant laws, you don't ever here people bashing them for it. .
  3. i have lived in germany for the last six years. i have also visted just abut every country in europe. i aggree that illegal immagrints are a problem. what i dont think people are getting though is that the military is policing the area. it is illegal for the president to be doing this. but we let him get away with everything else, so why not this as well.
  4. Probably because it's one of the BIGGEST border problems existing, and there's hundreds who still try and some who do every day. It's not like they all gave up. If it's not working, the goverments not just going to give up either, would you rather live in a country where if something isn't working they just say fuck it, and don't take any further steps?
  5. it saddens me when we lay down our own freedoms in the name of something.
  6. How are you possible affected by this? Sorry to break it to you - but the president is just a human being. Everyone running the show is just a human being. You and me are just a human being. For some reason I feel like people think that the goverment is supposed to be some group of super-humans that are here to make everyone happy. News flash - they're not. They all have ideas, and like most human beings, sometimes they can make mistakes and you cant obviously expect everyone to agree on one thing.

    But just a question for you. What would you do if you were in the position to keep border control.. under control. Just let any single person freely roam throughout our country as they wish? Do you know how much shit would get out of hand? There's procedures, you got to have some organization, and frankly there's enough people, yet there's still thousands of people coming here LEGALLY and illegally.

    (just read the post again and it sounds like im coming off as an asshole, don't mistake it, just havin some fun and gettin my point across is all)
  7. The point has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with the fact that Bush is using the military as the police.


    People always think I'm strange because I look past the issue at hand. I don't give a flying fuck about immigration, hell, we're a country of immigrants. What's scary is that Bush is using the military in a non-emergency situation. If he uses them to enforce immigration laws, can't he use them to enforce others? And what happens when you have a military enforcing the laws? Bad news. Hitler liked doing this (and Germany was a democracy when he got into office...).

    Nothing good will come of using the military as the police. Nothing.
  8. funny,they are trying to get in/im wanting to get out...and oh yeah fuck george bush!
  9. i agree, joint. This has been my concern from the start.
  10. Second time i've said this today, but no one's stopping you..feel free to leave..:confused:
  11. George Bush............... Um yeah............. JOE>

    P.S. this message is not meant to back GeorgeWBush, it is in fact a statement about how much he does for our country.:D
  12. i heard that in order for the border to be "fully controlled" Bush would have to send 36,000 troops to the border to monitor it.

    if we give him 36,000 troops to enforce laws, that will be horrible.
  13. mexico is ridiculous, and i m still pissed off people say "oh they have the right to be free in america" NO THEY DONT ASSES! If I (an american) cannot/not allowed to become a citizen of mexico becuz i hopped the border why should they? If i was to be caught in mexico there police owuld beat me to a pulp. and then they make us out to be the bad guys... I m sorry but i m on bushes side, close that border down. fuck mexico

  14. Lol, easy for you to say.....The US Govt is stopping me, my family is stopping me, and my circumstances are stopping me, do you not think I would up and move to canada or amsterdamm if it was just that "easy"? When you begin providing the cash recources, shelter, and living neccesities in order to help us that wish to leave, then by all means my man, lets heads out.....but if not....well then you cannot really blame a native born American that had no choice to move here in the first place, if they feel oppressed they have a right to want out.....but the way things are, it just aint that easy....
  15. think about this:

    the boarders are being sealed by military. not only are they keeping others out they could be keeping us in.

    the next thing that would be done would be to seal the canadian boarder as well (not that i think we have a problem with canadian immigration).

    if for some reason the govt decided to keep it's citizens in the country (maybe because of a draft or something to prevent people from fleeing) all they would have to do is suspend air travel and the boarders are all ready sealed. you could not get through by land or air. maybe you could build a makeshift boat and go to cuba. castro would give amnesty to american dissenters.

    last night bush said that other devices such as heat/motion sensors, infrared cameras, unmanned arial drones, would be used as well as men on the ground.
  16. the guards arent being used as police people...and i support it personally, the people coming into the country by border hopping are criminals- they are breaking our laws just by entering the country and then they buy cars and dont get insurance and smash into you effectively breaking more laws and screwing you over completely.

    i'm not a nazi here and i think that legal immigration should continue, they should go through the proper channels and be alllowed legal entry to the united states
  17. keep smoking. we're not using the military to police American soil. We're using the National Guard to do exactly what the military is supposed to do - protect our country's boarders from foreign invasion.
  18. Really? So we're at war with Mexico? Oh wait, no, they military is enforcing the immigration laws--that's police work, straight and simple.

    When a military is used on civilians (in this case, Mexican civilians), than they are police. When the Mexican Army starts going over the boarder than it's military defense, but military-on-civilian action is police action.

    Someone ealier mentioned that it may also be a way to keep us in (and mentioned Canada not being a big immigration problem)... to that I say, anyone else old enough (heh) to remember clamping down on the Canadian border shortly after 9/11, because "terrorists" might come from Canada?


    Don't get me wrong, I'm not pro-illegal-imigration either. But there's really nothing different between a legal and illegal immigrant other than a SSN and a piece of paper. Unfortunatly, to get those documents costs thousands of dollars and lots of time, which most people in poverty don't have (keep in mind that the yearly income for most latin-american countries is below $10,000/yr, almost all of which is spent on food, housing, etc).

    You know what's funny? My mom used to work at the welfare office. You know who was coming in and getting all the money? Not a bunch of mexicans, just a bunch of fat white bitches who didn't want to work. When I'd pick her up from work all I'd see was trailer trash going in and out, and not a mexican in sight. Those mexicans are out working $5/hr jobs while Fat White Bitch sits on her ass.

    And illegals are the problem in this country?

    My solution is to make immigration as easy as it used to be: Get off the boat, get some papers, and head out into the city to start a new life. None of this beurocratic bullshit, if a newborn in a hospital can get a SSN and all the right documents as quick as they do, I don't see why it's so fucking hard to give someone from Mexico a SS card.
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  19. Police work.. what happens when the immagrants start getting out of control? Maybe the police just ISN'T enough to hold the border down? I'm pretty sure if there was absoultely no problems at the border, no president would just SEND military enforcement for absoultely no reason. There's obviously something going on and the border patrol that they thought would be good enough obviously isn't. I guess thats OUR FAULT FOR HAVING SUCH A GOOD COUNTRY THAT EVERYONE RUNS TO TO ESCAPE THEIR OWN. Then come and start protests about how they hate it.

    And the "are illegal immagrants wrong" question, no, not neccesarily, but you don't let strangers into your house, do you? You have to get to know them first and know that they want to be there, it's simply organization..
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