Mars-hydro's TS1000 grow test

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  1. Finally got a reason to start a grow journal. I will be doing a grow test of the Mars-Hydro TS1000. At only 150 true watts, this full spectrum, white light has a lot of work to do. I will be growing an Auto Colorado cookies in coco, fed with Canna nutrients.

    The closet is a 2'x4'x8' stabdard closet, with a few tweaks. Irrigation is handled by a custom 17 gallon flood and drain system.
    The ventilation is done with a 4" carbon filter and fan combo pushing air out of the closet.

    Let's give her a whirl...
    20190615_172648.jpg 20190615_172715.jpg 20190615_172729.jpg 20190615_172745.jpg 20190615_172758.jpg
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  2. it should go well as I see you have some exprience growing in
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  3. The test of the SP250 was killer too.

    Check it out the final update.

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  4. Ill follow along if ya dont mind bro just seen in pyt u started this

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  5. Very impressive auto grows for such a small space man. :thumbsup:
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  6. Thank you.
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  7. What gift you offered or got? :love-m3j:
  8. Take a chair and see what the light can do for your baby :love-m3j:
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  9. Framed picture of my kids and I, tennis shoes and socks.

    I was hoping for a new bong or bubbler. But I am very happy about the socks, lol....
  10. Popped the seed and planted it today. If this is the same pheno I got earlier, this baby will be done in 85 days. 20190617_132141.jpg
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  11. Week 1 update video
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  12. Loving this update quality friend..ill sub up to this
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  13. Any update?
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  14. Hi.

    Can you tell me please, what is the distance between the canopy and led, and what are the modules used to build this led light ?

    And can you please post an update as well, so we can see the progress...


  15. I’m using a mars tsl 2000- 300 watts. Excited to see these flower. Day 15 of 12/12. GMO stain. 10 week flower DEC85DF2-D2CF-4A76-813D-49A1B5254159.jpeg DEC85DF2-D2CF-4A76-813D-49A1B5254159.jpeg DE1189D2-5EBC-4D11-A445-DCBF4DDE6F93.jpeg
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  16. Yo Man !

    This looks pretty cool and the light is cheap as well, not even 300 dolars. Does it take 300 watts ? Have you had more than a gram of a watt under it ? And how far do you keep it from the canopy ?
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  17. This is my first run with this light. First indoor run in about 9 years actually. It’s output is 300 watts. I’ve kept it about 30 inches from the canopy. These have been stretching a lot and I don’t have much room to go any higher. If I start to get light burn I will super crop them. Spent $250 on the light from amazon.
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  18. Cool man ! Yeah - the last thing to do is to super crop it and pray they will take it easy, but hard enough to stop them effectively from stretching. I have had a 2x Destroyer - a pure Sativa, and i Can tell you man super cropping was a good thing to stop them for a moment, for a while, for a second ... and it stretched ... stretched ... stretched ... ...... in the end i finished with something freaking crayze like this ... IMG_1408.JPG
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