Mars 2 900w or mars reflector 192

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  1. I know there's a million mars threads but I couldn't find the answer I needed..

    So both are in the 400w actual draw range and they are the same price but I don't know technical jargin.. please help!

    Basically what is the better light? Looks like the mars 2 900w because it has a bit higher draw and it looks like there is more of a spectrum but it's written differently.. here's the links..

    Mars II Led Grow Light 900w

    MARS REFLECTOR 192 - Mars Hydro - LED Grow Lights

    So it's said, I know this brand isnt the "best" but they are good and it is what comes with the grow tent package ( I get to choose the light, just mars though) I plan on saving up for a spyder eventually but this will be my first grow tent/ anything

    Thank you!
  2. Why spend more on leds when a 1000w hps/mh hood bulb ballast is under 200$ and displaces a $1200 led
  3. Well seeing as in I'm talking about buying a 400w light, I don't think even talking about a 1000w hps setup is relevant... if I did that setup I wouldn't just need to switch over to a more than double wattage for the light, I would have to run a air conditioner aswell and I'm clearly not experienced but I would assume more heat would create more humidity so I would have to get a more powerful dehumidifier aswell. This is gonna be hobby.. I don't need a hard core light setup, 400w led lights are totally proven to grow good plants, maybe just not as high of a yielder. But that doesn't matter to me. My led is going to be around $500 not $1200 because I never asked about 1000w lights I asked about 400w... thank you for the reply but I never asked for advice on 1000w setup I'm asking about these 2 400w leds, what is better between these 2 not what technology do you think is better in your opinion. Thanks again
  4. And if you're gonna say we'll get a 400w hps then, I'm just not interested in hps setups, thank you!
  5. Seems like a waste of money for the return tho. You kinda right about heat but two leds are gonna create heat too. Humidity is not generated by the light unless water is present. Which is helpful when the humiditys under 50% just add water and it comes back up. But your also with the wrong opinion(hard core light setup) its just a big lightbulb. Proven better than leds and they even have dual spectrum bulbs so no need to even change the bulb. I think imho youll do better starting with hps/mh over led and learning how far to keep it to get results. Light is the most important factor in the grow.
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    Thank you for the replies! Like in said in new to this so any further education is great. I won't be useing 2 leds only 1 I'm just trying to figure out what one of those 2 I listed is better..

    Can you please tell me, how much heat do hps/ mh setups actually generate? If I did get one it wouldn't be any higher than 400-600w in a 4x4 tent and the tent would be in a basement where the temperature is naturally lower ( 10 Celsius- 25 Celsius depending on time of year) a tiny area heater would be better than a a/c.. could I get away with a 600w hps/mh setup without needing a air conditioner as long as I had it in a cool tube?
  7. Is it only the really high wattage grow rooms with 1000+++ watts that get really that hot or will a lower wattage 600w still get hot enough to need an a/c
  8. Well im in a 48x48x80 tent running 1000w on superlumes so about 1100 watts i have a giant cool tube reflector i just bought today so i get an even light over the whole canopy im pulling through a carbon filter so my temps are a little higher cause it restricts airflow and because i cant vent up through the ceiling my inline fan pushes down through a whole in the floor i have two passive air fans one on the floor and one hanging from the top. Im in a closet so the ac comes in through a grillin the door so heat kinda traps at the ceiling of the closet not the tent at my tempature probe at the top highs are about 88 on a hot summer day with anywhere from a 6-8° difference at the bottom. I live in a humid environment so when my humidity hits about 35% i know i need to water the plants cause when i do i get back up to 51% and thats mesured at the floor. Im running all sativa strains so higher temps arent so bad and i use co2 bags but most will tell you thier effect is debatable. I just pulled one plant out and sent it to be clones due to its size and pattern i wanna keep its genetic traits. If i could vent up im sure my temps would be lower and if my closet had an ac return in the floor would be no problem. I know in the winter ill have no problems it will prob stay 78°. If your gonna go hps/mh 600watt minimum for a 48x48 and the reflector i use is 27x26x7 inch and spreads enough light to distribute evenly im really glad i bought this hood. Powerwise my bill is about 40$ more a month in which i only have a 200$ power bill and keep my house at 71. Heres a look see. Sry for the orange my replacement bulb was broken... Fuk u amazon.
    20170513_121800_HDR.jpg 20170513_121743_HDR.jpg
  9. Might i stress 4 plant maximum if your running full photoperiod plants the 5th one had to go to clone because im running out of space.
  10. Also less light means less heat and mh is cooler and is for veg and that hps is hotter and orange instead of a blue white light
  11. So you don't run a air conditioner in your 1000w setup? Just a good cool tube, a couple fans and proper ventilation is all I would need for a 600w setup in a 4x4x6.5 ft tent? If that is the case I may reconsider I just didn't want to have to mess around with air conditioning and the extra ventilation that is needed for hps/mh setups
  12. Im sure if i didnt run a cool tube and it was just an open reflector i might have issues but cool tube helps so much
  13. Yea im not about to run an ac in my ac filled house ill break down and crawl under the house with the spiders and run a vent to my closet before i pay for that.
  14. Hmm ok cool, and the cool tube is basically a clear duct tube that is attached in the middle of the carbon filter and the inline fan to suck the heat out right?
  15. I ran a dedicated breaker to my setup with a floor outlet and ducted under the house with a spring loaded pressure vent it was terrible tyvek suit and everything still scared they were gonna get me.
  16. H.o ill show u my setup
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    Lol yea I hear you.. I'll look more into hps/mh, I didn't realize it was so easy to take care of the heat (with a smaller setup) with a good cool tube and proper ventilation.. I guess most of the things ive watched and read were larger scale so that's why they were all worried about a/c
  18. Its really the best thing to grow with as an initial investment unless your trying to grow 100 plants even then id just ofset the cost of power with solar panels before id pay 1000s of dollars for leds

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