Marlboro Greens? Marijuana monopoly

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  1. Has anyone else heard of these? They are preety much 20 pre-rolled joints and they are available in amsterdam and other areas where marijuana is legal or tolerated. It kind of worries me that if marijuana every become legal then someone somewhere is going to monopolize it and start selling pre-rolled joints. It would be kinda nice to just have 20 convient little dobbies in a pack but it will probably be loaded down with chemicals and burning additives. I don't know. I still hope it become legal though. I'll just grow my own.
  2. if there is enough demand for chemical free joints, there will always be a supply
  3. what other chemicals would they put in them?
  4. Don't worry. Weed will never be monopolized. It's too profitable and easy to grow. If it became legal, hundreds of companies would sprout up.
  5. Yup what he said and I would be one of those hundreds :p... I'm in college right now working on a business degree
  6. A monopoly could only happen if the government decided that only one company could legally supply marijuana.

    If its an open market then anyone could be a supplier. If one company became more successful than the rest it'd be because they offered a better product or marketed it better (but it wouldn't be a monopoly)

    It's up to us to demand that the government doesn't create a monopoly.
  7. I don't think that marijuana can be monopoly, everyone have right to supply marijuana cause of its demand.
  8. But we don't have that right right now, and we have enormous demand.

    The government will implement whatever policies they feel like if they think they'll get them reelected. If they think a monopoly will get them votes then they'll legalize just one company to legally sell marijuana.

    ..just like the University of Mississippi is currently the only legal provider of marijuana to patients in the government's own MMJ program.
  9. reminds me of jimmy's stand up from south park "have you seen this have you hear about this?" lol.

    but really. monopolies are hard as hell to come by. and in the case of Microsoft back in the 80-90's, they gave money to Apple to keep them afloat, because without Apple Microsoft would be shut down for almost complete monopole law violation. so if weed is legelized, its the last thing you need to worry about

  10. Actually right now there is a monopoly on the production and supply of legal marijuana.
    It's NIDA's marijuana farm at the university of mississippi.

    The DEA protects this monopoly from competition by denying every application for a license to legally produce marijuana.
  11. Actually rjr and malbrough both have extensive tracks of land, which is unfarmed for tabacco. it was bought in the early 2oth century. before MJ was made unlawful. it is sitting and actually waiting for it to be legalized. thye alread have the goods to start a major commercial operation on day 1
  12. I never saw marlboro greens when I was in Amsterdam. I've seen a picture of some on this forum but it is probably just a photoshopped normal pack of cigs.
  13. the greens is from ebaums world and others et al. it is not a real product, it is what someone thought the cigs would look like if it was legalized.
  14. [​IMG]I
    Winstones are my choice:laughing:
  15. Bottom line if made legal and done poorly (additives/shitty quality) the black market will remain alive.

    So the options are do it right or make it legal but nothing really changes except the black market is filled with dank.
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    Those are photoshop pics, it isn't a real product sold anywhere by anyone.


  17. Eye, Marlboro greens is a load of BS. A while ago, someone mentioned that Marlboro had a patent on pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes. I did a patent search and to my surprise... nothing :rolleyes:
  18. I love it how that photoshopped pic doesn't even have the right amount of leaves. 9 is the magic number.
  19. But it did have enough to get people believing they were sold in Amsterdam, "and other areas where marijuana is legal or tolerated" ;)
  20. There are 9 leaves on that pic.... Oh I see, one pic does one doesnt.

    Yeah, not a real product, and no, the government doesnt have a MONOPOLY on weed, they are the only ones allowed to grow it because they are testing it and not selling it. If the government can't have a monopoly on anything because we are a capitalist economy and the government doesnt own any industry.

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