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    Hello Grasscity, I know this forum is a little bit dead compared to others, but I don't really care. :bongin:
    I am gonna be a doing a litle book club that I want your help with. I do a little bit of childrens' book reviewing for my proffesional career and I want to write reviews for adult readers and figured since I don't wanna blog this, I am gonna post it here for you guys. I am going to do books that I have not read before! If there is a demand for a specific book I have already read, I may do a few.
    This week I am reading Blood Meridian by Cormac Mccarthy. This book was mentioned in this forum recently, and I figured it would be a fun start.
    First impressions: Having read The Road, I recognized McCarthy's very minimalist style from the first page. To be honest, I was hoping there would be a marked shift in tone from his other work, but his very self-assured lack of punctuation and formatting do tend to work well with the theme of the story.
         So far the plot seems to focus on "the kid," a Tennesee vagabond with little history and even less hope for the future. His lack of outward personality presented in the story fits well with his social detatchment, and makes his more expressive moments very meaningful and perhaps give the story some of its most human qualities other than the very downplayed scenes of gore and violence.

    I do not want to post anything more about the plot and the setting untill I get further into the book, so expect more sometime this week.
    What would you guys like to see me read? Any special favorites that you feel haven't been given a fair review? Post here or PM me.


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