market of a new bong 350 range

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  1. im looking for a new bong and im wondering which one should i get(for herb):

    migrant inverse dome w/ 3 disk
    dwb waffle to double disk
    sg king stemline ? or stemline?
  2. I would go with the DWB or king stemline. I would personally get the DWB, but its just a personal preference at the moment. I change my mind frequently.
    I would also look at EFS's tubes.
  3. All very solid, DWB and SG are where I'd go first.

    The stemlines are great, king or otherwise, they are really a crowd pleaser. I have nothing at all bad to say about them, the one I tried was very smooth.

    The DWB waffle to double disk, I've heard, is best for use with concentrates, but Drew is a great blower to work with and you might be able to get a different piece more suited to your needs. He's not taking orders now, but he's got some stuff lying around.

  4. also, the logic like showerhead to disk may offer better diffusion for flowers.
  5. i should get a king stemline then? how frequently do they pop out on @lt?
  6. Well, you might have to wait a long time for anything there. People are caught in a SG frenzy, so they go pretty quick.

    I'm biased towards DWB cause I have on in transit, but I'll still strongly suggest that you look into a piece from Drew. PM him here (he's ninjapimp) and explain what you're looking for--he'll be more than happy to accept your business and work with you to make sure you're happy.
  7. SYN

    Smoke Yourself Numb.

    Google: Aqua lab technologies

    'Nuff Said.

    Try out a showerhead.
  8. Dwb hands down. Im in the process of working with drew( Dwb blower/ really nice guy) on an order and he is very accommodating, he'll definitely work with you and give you something awesome, but it's gonna take time, he's got a lot of orders and he's been working himself ragged trying to please everyone.
    That being said I would still try and pm him and see what he says.
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    I grabbed an SG king a while back and I love it. Hitting it just feels like taking a deep breath & the hit is so smooth that if you didn't know any better you'd think you just inhaled some air. there is so little drag, sometimes the ice in the ice pinches starts to levitate when you hit it. It has the clean look of a straight tube & is just as easy to maintain, mixed with the diffusion power of 9 gridded slits.

    I have no experience with the other two pieces but that's my .02

    I watched a couple come and go on waterlabs before I bought mine, and they popped up roughly once a month. I haven't checked since I bought mine so maybe it's different now.

  10. not necessarily. I mean if you want it more then yes, if you like the DWB more then get that.
  11. pm me I could sell yah a itza circ to 13 for a but more cash
  12. Get a stemline or efs, don't even bother with dwb. ^ don't get a toro either
  13. how do i contact that EFS guy?? ( i know theres boromarket but i dont feel like paying 50$ for lurking)

    i saw a kingstemline on ioffer but the guy wants 340 for it.

  14. just get a reg stemline, there up on *** right now
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    You noticed that too? Sometimes you can get it so it doesn't touch your mouth or the ice pinches for a second or two.

    The above post is exactly how I feel about my King Stemline too. 340 isn't that bad, but try to talk him down. Or get the normal stemline up right now. They are all good options lol.

    DWB is also a great choice especially if you like a unique tube. Plenty of diffusion and great quality.

  16. I believe he has a thread here, you can probably find an email address there, or over on GD.
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    the guy on ioffer is awaiting a payment from another buyer. i ask him if he could sell it to me for 360 right comes with a carrying bag
  18. Anything by SG your expecting something worth your money...

    letting people try high end glass is fun.
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    for 70 bucks more you could get my itza circ to 13 it's a great double perc never used without an ashcatcher and cleaned daily

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