Mark Loyd's plan to silence "conservative radio" in action

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  1. If you remember a few months back, video of Obama's "diversity czar" surfaced that showed him applauding Hugo Chavez's crack down. He also wrote a paper in 2007 that suggested we do similar things in the US, including:

    [ame=]YouTube - Obama's Czar Mark Lloyd's FCC 'Diversity' Chief - His Take on Free Speech[/ame]
    Now this very thing is happening in California, thanks to a group called "Citizens for Civility & Accountability in Media". Of course, by media they mean talk radio and anything they deem to be "hate speech". Which of course means so called conservative talk radio.

    Citizens for Civility & Accountability in Media - Home
    So basically, this is the left's way around the "fairness doctrine", which would force markets to carry left wing radio shows even if nobody listens. We're well in to the process of silencing all non-left wing speech in this country.

    The group just put out a press release:

    Fresno, California Group protests Hate Radio station KMJ, May 20th at 11am - Democratic Underground
    Notice the completely unsubstantiated claim of violence that the media spewed with zero and sometimes contradictory evidence. In fact, the violence we've seen has come from the left and incitement from left wing media.
  2. your threads are so fucking predictable

  3. They most certainly are.

    1. Dronetek exposes ignorant left wingers

    2. Left wing sheep attack Dronetek's character or shift blame to Bush/FOX

    3. Repeat
  4. I think it was funny how he refrenced global warming like it actually gave credence to his point.
  5. Remember folks, diversity means "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO AS YOU ARE TOLD BY OBAMA."

    They're all for diversity, except diversity of speech, of thought, or of who has power.
  6. Sad :(

    It makes me laugh when leftists claim leftists are 'open-minded'.
  7. :laughing:pretty much...and in the end nothing is accomplished
  8. Someone speaks the truth and Dronetek and the other rightwingers piss their pants.

  9. You got it all wrong. :smoking:

    Dronetek is the catalyst, whatever he says will ignite the fiery passion of the nearest liberal.

    The liberal, driven by pure emotion, will likely resort to ad hominem even if an obvious fallacy in Droneteks argument is present. This attack may reflect the truth, such that Dronetek is obsessed with exposing liberal media bias, but it is wholly unrelated to the topic at hand and intended to belittle the source and not the content of the source.

    This is when Dronetek reiterates his point so as not to induce a bout of pointless mudslinging, but a las, the words of a right winger fall on deaf ears, and the liberals resort to their default defense; slander.
  10. Sounds like your engaging in collective thought. Nope, no generalizations in that post.:rolleyes:

    Anyways, Dronetek has been on a crusade against Loyd for some time now, this video is from '08.
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    Look at this, on another website Dronetek actually defends the leader of a white supremacy group (the AWB) after the guy threatens a black woman on national television. He actually turns it around and calls the black people racist... not lying. Watch the video and then go to page 4 in the comments and look about halfway down. - SA race row flares up in studio

    (Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging movement, In the 1990s, the AWB violently opposed South Africa all-race democracy and campaigned for autonomous white states.
    Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    "black racists"

    Pretty much, yeah- Dronetek
  12. followed by


  13. Good Sir,

    I know I'm new here but I like to hope that I keep emotions out of my arguments!

    If conservatives want to dominate radio I say let them. I'm not for wasting legislation time on radio, in my area it's mostly Country on the FM, Churches on the AM and the local conservative station.

    I'm not to up to date on radio issues but I'm pretty sure the big dispute has more to do with News Corps/Clear Channel/Fox News incredible domination of public air waves. But this problem exists because of bad government. Legislation exists that prevents me from starting my own radio station if I want to so I would like to see that dissolved.

    Last I'd looked into it, their business strategy was to offer smaller stations free access to Rush Limbaugh and in return the radio station gives them tons of advertising time, which does help the station and is genius marketing.

    Does Michael Savage still do a nightly tirade? I used to listen to him while I delivered pizza, didn't agree with a word but damn was it hilarious.
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    Actually, its from 2007, as I said in the OP. Maybe you could explain what that has to do with anything? The story is about a group executing the plan he outlines right now.

    Actually the comment was in reference to the slaughter of white farmers going on. I dont see how calling a black person racist is in fact, racist. Especially since I call white people racist all the time.

    In a thread about a white KKK member getting punched:
    Pretty much, yeah -Dronetek.

    I could say the same to you. You're a racist for calling me a racist. RACIST!
  15. Good, i hope it works.

    We should of never gotten rid of the Fairness Doctrine.
  16. [​IMG]
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    Ok... so what do these two black reporters, who you called "black racists", have anything to do with the "slaughter of white farmers"? Is it because they happen to be black? So that means they must share the same views as the extremists who killed some white people in South Africa, right? Might as well just lump them all together and slap a label on them right? Kind of like what the right wing did to muslims after 9/11?

    The AWB on the other hand, who you're defending, is a racist white supremacy group who are responsible for terrorist attacks and the murders of black people in south africa... but since they're white, it's perfectly fine, right?

    I mean ffs, this is their symbol.


    I think you're a racist, and you don't even know it Drone.
  18. Talk about lumping people together...:hello:

    Alright, suppose hes a racist. What are you gonna do about it? Hunt him down and purge him and his kind from the earth? Now your a racist of racist! Is it wrong for someone to feel superior due to race or is it wrong for us to condem groups of society that we see as unfit to think? TRICK QUESTION: both those scenarios are wrong!!! Lets get back to the topic at hand
  19. Nah, I'm just sick of him starting threads about racism all the time, while being a racist himself.
  20. And im sick of people word droping Racism and racist allllll fuckin day while ignoring what the supposed racist is saying.

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