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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Namynam, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. is there anyway to tag a post so moderators can see it and close it or move it or whatever. The threads that ive seen 1 million times already, and are still being posted, get pretty fucking annoying.
  2. You can report a post to the moderator of the forum if you have a serious problem with it but, otherwise, you just have to deal with it....and promote the search button. :)
  3. k. i promot search button as much as i can :p

    other people on the boards dont help much though. my post could be the first reply saying "use the search button:" and everyone else ingores it and responds to the thread anyway, so the poster natrually ignores it too. ive noticed a lot of the people replying to the topics witha million different threads askign the same thing are usually all new members which i guess is kinda understandable , but i hope they learn quick >.<
  4. Namynam, if I could delete all of those repeat threads just for you, I would!!! :D Screw all of those who reply!!! Screw them GOOD!!!! :p (All of you repliers, know that I'm kidding when I say that!!!) :)

    Use the search button, people!
  5. Excuse me, but where is this search button you speak of?

    Also what does it do??
  6. It's up your ass....that's why no one can find it! :p

    Just kidding. It's up there....and it searches.
  7. Mybe thats why my ass itches so much!!!!

    Some people have never noticed the search button.. Some people may even be stoned at the time they are here at the city...

    Some people may have STML.

    What ever the reason, we need to keep them acknowledging the earch button!
  8. lol BH you know you use the search button all the time lmao :D

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