marital problems?

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by ugeman420, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. so this couple was having some trouble getting sexually aroused during hteir lovemaking seesions, so they decided to visit a doctor dude who knew how to make sex good and shit. so after examining both the husband and wife, he gives them his advice on how they could lmake sex more exciting. he says "ok, first off buy grapes and donuts and go home. both of you strip naked and stand at opposite sides of the bedroom" he look at the husband and says "you start by trying to throw a grape into your wife's vagina from across the room, and every time you make it in you can move a step closer, then use your mouth to retrieve the fruit", then the doctor says to the wife "throw the donuts and try to put it around your husbands love pole, and if you get it in you can go and eat the donut off his tallywacker". so they go home and perform the foreplay and it works like a charm. They go back to the doctor and thank him. The next day, another coupel comes in and says that they were recommended by their friends who said that the doc could solve their probelms. So the doc checks out the wife and the husband, and after a long analysis he finally says "hmm... ok first start by getting a box of cheerios and a bunch of apples..."
  2. AHAHAHA, nice!

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