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  1. I know you can get [SIZE=-1]Marinol in america.
    But could you get [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Marinol on pescription here in the uk for medical conidtions.
    If so what medical conidtions would it cover.
    Would they give it to you for anxiety or depression?
    Where can i find out more about [/SIZE]

    Not like that i think its any better then marijuana but if you could get it from the doctors here it would be better then keep having to rely on harvest times for my medical problems.

  2. Marinol is more of an appetite stimulant than an anti-depressant. Marijuana, from a chemical standpoint, does nothing to fight major depressive disorder and has never been proven in a clinical trial. To treat anxiety and depression you would need real psychotropic medicine that's released with repeatable studies to backup it's claims. Go to a psychiatrist and tell him/her your problems. He'll be able to help better than any of us. Depression is a deadly disorder not to be fucked with. For depression weed is just a form of self-medication, but an anti-depressant can lift you out of your depression.
  3. Hey clinical trys or no clinical trials. Marijuana works for me and other people to.
    I dont need any clinical trial to tell me what makes me feel better and i have you know that self medication has helped where modern medicine has failed.

    You say that depression should not be fucked with since you put it so bluntly
    Well doctors fuck with it all the time when really they dont have a clue.

    If a psychiatristis so great then why cant they product anything that is safe and can work in less then 5 mins like marijuana can? without the extreme side effects either.

    Only side effect iv had from marijuana is headrush but thats because i mixed it in with tobacco and i believe it was the tobacco that caused the head rush and i think tobacco does more harm them marijuana would ever do.
  4. Many people effectively use cannabis for depression, either alone or with other medications.

    From Granny Stormcrow's most excellent list:


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  5. Guess i caught it before you deleted your comments.
    I did finish high school graduated in to college where im taking my degree in photography Thanks for asking.

    doctors have done harm in the past with their treatment the quote which says "Always read the label" scroll down to the list of side effects and a good 9 out of 10 anti depressants say can cause suicidal thoughts along with other nasty side effects such has passing blood in your stools ,blury vision ,breathing problems, loss in sex drive heart puplatations , and far worse.

    My uncle was on prozac for god knows how many years. He was a healthy and out of the blue had had a heart attack. Prozac can weaken the heart and cause heart problems as many reasearches have posted online and in books.

    I would not want a
    B.A or a M.D

    I am would rather stuck with my qualifications in photography which can lead to a job in teaching
    and a degree. Photography is a far less boring job and is very creative.

    The medical profession really is primative and not a part of the bigger picture.
    No on understands the human body better then its creator people including doctors or people of science
    will try and mess around with nature but nature always wins the fight.

    I have given doctors plent of chance to prove me wrong and to cure the things i have from depression to anxiety
    and psoriasis i have tried their treatments which have failed.

    For psoriasis they gave me coal tar treatment along with cetraben and doublebase
    and some steroids. Which make me skin condition far worse.

    Then i tried dead seal salt and then aloe vera and cucumber cream which is natural
    and in 48 hours my psoriasis which spread over 30% of my body is now clearning up and fast.
    Something modern medicine could not do for me.

    Those who think scientifically think inside the box and will never be able to think
    outside of the box.

    evidence is important? yeah because evidence is never wrong now is it?.Lol

    I have a education sir a good one which i pay well for and i have no interest in naming the planets
    Why? because naming them wont help me in life and is a waste of time when i can memorize a set of 25 letters and number
    in less then 10 mins anywhere from pass codes to product keys thats why my photographic memory
    is put to far better use by doing far better things then naming the planets.

    Well thats good for you. Im sure it helped relieve your symptoms of depression within the first 5 mins
    of you taking the first Zoloft pill I bet it had little side effects either.
    I also bet its easy to stop taking. By this i mean i bet you could just go cold turkey
    and you would feel no intense withdrawal

    I know for a fact that Zoloft withdrawal would give you nausea, tremors, lightheadedness, muscle pains, weakness, insomnia, and anxiety ,blood in the stools
    Also Cardiac Failure Congestive – The body is asking for the heart to supply more blood than it is capable of producing and maintaining. Normally, a body can tolerate an increased amount of work for quite some time. The condition is characterized by weakness, shortness of breath,
    and a fluid build-up in the body tissues causing swelling.
    and last but not least Colitis – A condition where the large intestine becomes irritated from the use of the drug
    This is just a few of the pages and pages of terrible things you can feel from withdrawal.

    Marijuana has never done any of those messed up things to me.

    Not as funny as ignorant people like you who think that stoners are stupid people
    a image that society have created of marijuana users.

    Im glad i caught your post before you deleted it Purecussion
    I just feel it was a cowardy thing to do delete your post.

    Thank you for wasting 30 mins of my time kind sir.
  6. y'all may find this interesting....

    Treating depression with cannabinoids
    Kurt Blass
    Lindengasse 27/10, 1070 Vienna, Austria

  7. To get back to your original question about Marinol, don't waste your time. That crap is worthless junk. Didn't help with any of my SEVERE nausea following a near fatal episode of Rhabdomyolysis. Eating weed is INFINITELY more effective if you're trying to treat a real medical condition. Screw Marinol.
  8. #8 Purecussion, Jan 22, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2010
    That's a three patient *technically not* study done by a GP. They could have been the lucky 3 out of ??? people in a large study run by experts, not GP's. Until large scale testing is performed and repeated, we will never be sure weed helps with depression. I could explain how anti-depressants work chemically, but I don't think anyone here can explain how weed works chemically in the treatment of depression.
  9. I'm very critical of my writing and was very tired when I wrote it, that's why. I posted it, read it over, and was very unhappy with the sentence structure and tone. I planned on re-writing it later in the day when I had more creative energy, but shortly after, I started I decided that I'm done with this place and will never return (for real), so why re-write it? I've asked an admin for my account to be deleted, so this is my final post. Bye.
  10. Rhabdomyolysis! :eek: Good Lord. I hope you recovered without kidney damage. That must've been terrible.:(
    It does not help with the nausea of chronic pancreatitis either. But neither does Zofran.
  11. I decided marijuana is best suited for my depression and anxiety. I told this to my therapist today and i said im goign to start using marijuana again and she just seemed to react as if it was the worst thing i could ever do.

    She asked if i considered taking anti depressants and i dont think they are very safe at all
    I would rather take marijuana which has less fatal side effects then the alternative

    As the song went on cheech and chong

    "up in smoke is where my money goes and when i toke all my cares go up in smoke" or something like that :D

    I would just like to hear from other medical users what would you say if someone told you that marijuana was a bad idea.

    To me i am a better person when i toke. I can think clearly and see things in a better light i can function normaly without intense fears and worrys anxiety goes and when i have a awfull depressed night where i feel like a prisoner in my own body i toke and i get relief and by morning i feel happy again.

    I believe god gave us this plant for a reason and that reason i believe is to help people
    not just people with medical condition but it helps people relax and i believe if everyone toked the world might just be a nicer place.

  12. I actually had four separate episodes, all brought on by the combination of very high doses of opiates (I was taking between 600mg and 1,500mg of Methadone daily at that time), and mild physical exertion. Three cases were mild, but one nearly killed me and put me in the hospital for ten days. Lucky for me, my father is chief of Urology and he does kidney transplants for a living. He diagnosed me immediately when he saw my urine and that probably saved my life. I was within hours of total kidney failure when I made it to the hospital. My CPK level was 99,000 (should have been around 50) and my urine looked like coca cola. I've never been so sick, or close to death in my life. It sucked.

    Ever since that severe episode, three years ago now, I've been plagued with chronic nausea. Especially in the morning. My doctor gave me a script for 10mg Marinol twice daily. I took a few the first day and felt nothing. No relief from the sickness, and no enjoyable high. The next day I took a large overdose of the Marinol, and still felt nothing.

    Maybe if you never tried smoking weed it might have some effect, but if you toke with any regularity, Marinol will do noting to you.... other than put a serious dent in your pocket book. Sixty 10mg tabs cost $1,600.00. Biggest waste of money I've ever spent.

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