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  1. Today I was in detention and I overheard two kid's talking about smoking weed... their conversation, amongst other comments I've seen and heard, really bothered me...
    So I figured I'd throw up my thoughts on grasscity and see what you guys think.

    So the conversation in detention amongst a few kids was about who could "out-smoke" another. One kid, a freshman, claimed that he's been smoking since 6th grade, and could out-roll and out smoke every single person in the detention hall. A fellow student, sitting near by, responded immediately by saying there was no way, and that he, hands down, smokes the most weed in the entire school. The conversation drifted between 3 or 4 kids, who all claimed they took the biggest hit, had the best bud, rolled the best blunt and were the ultimate smokers.

    Scenario number 2 involves a facebook group called "blunts." This facebook group is dedicated strictly to blunt appreciation. I am not a member, but clicked the link to see the pictures of the nicely rolled marijuana cigars. Upon doing so, I noticed some of the comments underneath the pictures. I would say almost 90 percent of the comments were about how that particular user, could roll, and has rolled a better blunt than the one featured.

    Here is my point:
    Marijuana usage has significantly drifted from it's original use. In the 70's people used marijuana to enjoy music more, to create love and peace, and to just ponder the world. Today, at least in my area, marijuana no longer pertains to anything of the sort... It is simply the "cool" thing to do. Every day walking through the halls, you hear "DUDE, I WAS SO FUCKING HIGH THE OTHER DAY." or... "DUDE I CAN'T WAIT TO GET FUCKING RIPPED AFTER SCHOOL"
    I love marijuana, and personally, I can't wait "to get fucking ripped after school" but I do it because I love the way I feel. I love listening to some great music, and eating great food, and going on hikes, and camping. And I love thinking about space, time travel, aliens, ANYTHING. But people don't do this anymore... They just smoke weed to get "fucked up" and then brag about it the next day.
    And it really bothers me because they've completely missed the boat. They missed the whole point of smoking weed. It's not about being cool, It's not about doing what everyone else does. It's about doing you're own thing, and being you're own person... Unfortunately, I feel as though the real reasons marijuana is smoked are fading more and more every day as it becomes the popular thing to do.
  2. My thoughts exactly. No matter how popular it becomes I'm still going to smoke though, because I don't smoke with douchebags.
  3. Yea a lot of the generations after the 60s/70s fucked up what weed is about, me included at times, but I still don't think its "popular". Stoners seem to have their own crowd in schools and usually they aren't part of the popular kids.
  4. Those are just some young, stupid kids. Its human nature to be competitive and when you get a couple young guys in a group they are bound to try and out-boast each other. Yes, a lot of kids smoke for the wrong reasons but I dont think it is as bleak as you think.
  5. Agreed.
  6. Aye fucking Aye captain. I realized this quite some time ago.
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    bro i understand what ur talking about. and alot of it is dumb ass lil kids just doing it for the hell of it. now ill be real. i grew up following my mothers foot steps and smoking at a very young age. and i to did it cause every 1 else did. but soon as my first high hit me. i new i was free from the drama in life. i felt it was a way for me to escape and just relax and enjoy life when im stressed out or just even having a bad day. and that is why i smoke. but them kids that u heard are immature and need alot of growing up to do.
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  9. lol now ive seen it all lol
  10. Thats absolutly horrific, i cant believe that the cannabis culture has become so competitive, i thought the reason people like to smoke is the feeling of relaxation and content they feel, especially with other people, and dealing with stress from sober people.
    I just think everybody is crazy, now i am usually a very calm person, even though ive beenn sober for almost 2 weeks, i dont really notice a difference, and have only snapped at people in school like 3 times, and a bit more with my parents because well, lets face it, parents can drive you crazy sometimes. But when i say i snap i just mean i raise my voice with a somewhat angry tone, i dont care what other people think, people know i smoke, and as long as they arent a big mouth i dont care.
    I just like to sit back, hit the bong, turn up some pink floyd and think about life. I dont think ive ever gotten into a fight over weed. except this one asshole who used to be my best friedn but started saying i smoked too much weed, that guy was just ignorant, didnt really smoke either.
    I hate when i see people who brag about it and try to look cool when they smoke and like to waste weed so they can say 'yo i jus rolled up this 20 gram blunt n****' and 'then i smoekd it to the dome' like really, that is just stupid.
    THOSE are the exact kinds of peopel who give cannabiis a bad fucking reputation.
  11. If he wasn't a Yankees fan, I'd say his beard is pretty fucking awesome.
  12. Hit the nail on the head OP.

    But you have to remeber, everyone is different, not everyone is of the same mind.

    Personnaly i think the way you do, and at my highschool (which yesterday was my last day! :hello:), everyone does the same shit. its really fucking annoying, but i guess its kinda human nature to brag about something.

    Anyways dont stress it so much, your creative man. Im happy that your not one of the crowd and you choose to be yourself. :)
  13. Yah man i hate this too, i see that kinda shit alot too, and im like WTF why did you smoke all that at once? :confused:
  14. ill be honest, i used to be that kind of a teen. looking back i cant tell you how retarded i was. it was all about "oh dude.. ive got the BEST hookup here." or "dude i can take the fattest bong rips" or "yo man, i can roll better joints." and the occasionsal " im so fuckin baked." sooo retarded. some people like weed because of how it makes them feel, of what it does for them medically and recreatially, but then there are those who just think its the in and cool thing to do. i dont hate those people, i cant blame them, its just the culture today. its bullshit, but you cant blame a teenager for fitting in with his fellow peers, but it has to end somewhere, at some link, ya know?
  15. Exactly, ive observed this since the day I began smoking.

    Were one of the few left man its a sad thing.

    I think the same goes for other psychadelics as well. Speically boomers. They just want to "trip out duude!!!111!" rather than ponder and expand their mind.
  16. ya man i know what you mean. People shouldnt smoke just because they think its cool to get fucked up, you should smoke because you enjoy it, and enjoy the effecta and the things you do and how you feel when you do it.........and because its
  17. haha thats actually pretty cool
  18. Wow, that's a really interesting point... I feel like I definitely do it for the same reasons as you, and it's sad to see it used just to "get fucked up."
  19. Pfft I could totally out smoke everyone in this thread :p

    Since when Is there a point to smoking weed. It means different things for different people and if someone wants to abuse it that is their business don't let it bother you. If you really feel that way about marijuana you should be flattered that people are using it to be cool. What does that make you?
  20. weed is whatever you want it to be. its different for everyone.

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