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Marijuanas Effect On Memory Consolidation?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Anslinger, Aug 29, 2014.

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    So I've been doing a little bit of research on marijuana's effect on memory function. This is a concern of mine because I smoke daily, and I'm studying to become a programmer. While I enjoy weed very much I would be disappointed if it was hindering my ability to retain the information I'm trying to learn. I'm 19 now and have been smoking regularly for about 3 years now. I can't say, for the most part, that I've experienced any noticeable memory deficits from it. I feel like I've always had a decent memory, and I usually remember the important details of anything that I encounter of interest. I could probably safely say I've learned just as much valuable information in the past 3 years than any other 3 years before, however some of the studies and self-observations I've been noticing lately are leading me to believe that while very minimal, marijuana might have an effect on the consolidation of some memories and the recall of them. 
    Here's where I'm getting some of my information:
    I was reading the section on the hippocampus which plays a major role in memory consolidation, and it appears that there's some compelling scientific data to support the idea that CB1 inhibits LTP and LTD and thus the ability to retain information.
    On a side note, if you know anything about the famous patient Henry Molaison who had a procedure done a long time ago removing most of his hippocampus, he completely lost his ability to retain new information, however his motor-memory/implicit memory was largely unaffected. I'm also learning to play the drums, and this leads me to believe that it's impossible for marijuana to effect my ability to retain practice when drumming.   
    Personally I can vouch that marijuana could only have had a very minimal effect on me. I could also say it puts me in a creative mood and gives me the ambition to persevere through something I otherwise wouldn't have. Picking up a programming language seemed an impossible feat when I was younger and now it's become a much more realistic goal.
    So what are you guys' opinions on this? I can definitely say I only understand a portion of what's being talked about on the Wikipedia page I provided, but the information seems to be unbiased and make sense. Do you agree with all the things being said about marijuana and memory or not? I've heard a lot about it from both sides, so I'm kind of torn on the subject.
    And do you try to educate yourselves when your smoking or smoke after you get your studying in? I try to reward myself with a bowl when I accomplish a goal I have set, but sometimes I'll wanna be blazed when I'm researching, because of course it's more enjoyable that way.

  2. I believe it only effects your memory when under the influence. I've heard of people smoking pot for over 30 years and they don't feel at any disadvantage.
  3. Wiki fucking pedia? What a shitty source. never trust what's there on cannabis, it's the same reefer madness and lies lol..

    You said youve had no change in your decent memory through the last years, thats all that should matter here.

    go to erowid cannabis vault, not wikipedia
  4. Didn't your teacher tell you not to use Wikipedia?
  5. #5 SIRSOG, Aug 30, 2014
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    The funny thing is that page is heavily referenced and none of you even glanced at it

    Not saying everything in it is proven fact but lots of it is based on legitimate studies, and that's proven on the page....

    Didn't your teachers tell you to check your references...

    On that note, the ops name and what he is doing leads me to think troll so the relevancy of that is questionable hahaha
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    ^unfortunately not. I always had to come across those reference sites by browsing the net. :laughing:
    Call me a hypocrite since I use Wiki, well i'll read it, but never quote it…I always go to legitimate primary source sites for my info :).
  7. It's really just a lot of science around 2 subjects highly unknown... cannabinoid interaction and memory...

    But ops name is anslinger lol that's the guy who essentially made weed illegal. I dunno if this is a clever troll or if he's serious
  8. BAN HIM
  9. I have never met a decent programmer who doesn't smoke weed. The ones I have that don't smoke later proved themselves to be liars by asking questions about languages they claimed to know thoroughly, that're on basic levels. 
  10. We need granny in here, I know shes got something for this
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    Weed DEFINITELY affects memory, especially short term memory. I smoked everyday for about eight years straight, then quit cold turkey for five years straight, and have now been back at it for two years. When I quit, everyone commented on my ability to remember the most minute of details. Now, I get out of bed and forgot why- even when I haven't been smoking.

    When you smoke everyday, you get lost in the fog. Ever quit for a couple days after you've smoked for a month straight? You can feel yourself coming down. People that have smoked everyday for X number of years and claim it doesn't impact them at all have just gotten used to that fog. That's one of the reasons all the MMJ brochures say to stop smoking for a week every few months.

    I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but don't play yourself the fool.

    P.S. Pro tip- Don't quote Wiki, quote Wiki's sources. They're all listed at the bottom of the page for a reason.
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    Sorry for such a late response on this, but I wanted to respond.
    I must say I don't agree with you much on this one but I do believe that marijuana can effects lots of different people lots of different ways. Personally I smoke every day and I don't find myself in any sort of fog at any point during my day. I start smoking about half way through my day, and remember roughly when I start smoking and how many bowls I have. I remember what I did before I got high and after, usually for a couple days with detail. Even if I think I forgot something, thinking about it long enough can bring back a trail of associated information. I usually smoke 4-5 bowls a day on average, and I remember most all relevant details I pick up on when I'm not smoking. I never forget where I put anything, I can outline what I did at the end of any day in detail, etc. I never experience a change in being able to function completely normally is what I'm saying.
    The only thing I was concerned about is trying to remember stuff in programming, and trying to gain more knowledge and enlighten myself on certain concepts and ideas. But I realized that being high is irrelevant to the fact that if you work toward something for a certain amount of time per day, you'll get better and better at it, and getting high just makes it chiller if it's something you're truly interested in. I'm not saying weed is necessarily for everyone if they want to learn but I am saying that if, even after you get high, you're still thinking about it and into getting better at it, then obviously weed can't very much hinder you in that way.
  13. I think it's one of those questions that doesn't have a definitive right or wrong answer. Some people may experience the "fog". I'm a daily smoker and don't have any trouble with memory at all. Even when I'm high, I can still function quite well. Like lots of things, it affects different people in different ways. If you forget everything when high, you probably don't want to burn one right before appearing on Jeopardy. ;)
  14. I was in your shoes when I was 19 myself. Like I said, just don't play yourself a fool. You point out that "even if I think I forgot something, thinking about it long enough can bring back a trail of associated information." Isn't that what short term memory is all about? Just because you are able to recall it later doesn't mean that your short term memory isn't impaired. It's not like it erases memories and if that's what you're looking out for, you're missing the point.

    Either way though, if all you're worried about is the ability to still open doors for yourself, then I wouldn't worry. I go to work high on a regular basis as an economic analyst, leading a team of a dozen other analysts. I don't feel like it's impeded my ability to learn or succeed. But remember what flavor cupcake my girlfriend asked me to get her mom for Mother's Day? Yeah, it affects that.

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