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marijuana user discrimination

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kishou, May 9, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone. I was just wondering what is everyones marijuana user discrimination story? It happens to me alot. Like today. I was suppose to go to a movie with an old school mate who i havent seen in 3 years. We schedualed this. She said she could go. But today she just changed her plans and said i don't like smokers. So yea. People think that people who smoke weed are gonna kill you or something. idk.
  2. Rarely see it in people 15-25
  3. wow thats really messed up.

    similar thing happend to me once i was going on a date with a straight edge girl but when i went to pick her up for dinner she said she didnt think she could see anything happening with us since im a stoner =/

  4. yea doesnt happen alot to me this is prolly like the 5th time. but yea it's still just retarded.
  5. Poor dudes, must suck with all the hate on weed in the U.S:(

    Up here in Canada, over half of my city probably does it, nobody judges you for toking up:D

    Then again i'm in Vancouver, haha.

  6. yea lol. I go up there alot. I'm thinking about moving, this country is too weird.

  7. I live so close to Vancouver I've always wanted to come up just to see how the stoner culture and what not is, but I haven't brought myself to do it.

    But half of the U.S. probably smokes too, just they would throw another toker under the bus in a heartbeat as long as it doesn't hurt them.

    So canada has nice stoners, U.S. has selfish tokers.:smoke:
  8. We're all tokers that's what matters. Toke on:hello::smoke:
  9. This bitch at my work is really against smoking. Well I smoked out my buddy who I also work with, and she found out because he told Amanda (who we also work with and she gives us hair cuts lol) and Amanda told her. Now she is always pissed at me and treats me like a huge steryotype because she believes all the bull shit she hears on tv about weed, I hate it and she's such a fucking idiot for hating other people that smoke, only because of what she has been told, not what she knows through knowledge and experience.
  10. lol i wanna move ot canada but i dont have the money and stuff but i hate where i live now so if i get the chance im deff movin to canada
  11. Yeah man, i see it all the time... lol kids at my school dont hang around me because i smoke cigarettes
  12. pot discrimination and cigarette discrimination are two totally different things.
  13. Shit happens.
  14. I was using it as an example of people blowing shit way out of proportion. So chill.
  15. yeaa its seems as if people who dont smoke weed think that anybody and everybody who tokes is a loser.
    pathetic. haha
  16. I dont want to be a duece, but if people don't like u because u smoke ciggs then u r probably in middle school or some shit...
  17. Im a first year premed student with a 3.6 GPA. Many people think im some dumbass because i toke.

    People are going to think badly of us for quite some time. so get used to it. When we are raised we are all told that drugs are bad, they will ruin your ect... Is it really that hard to wonder why people look down on us?

    Rise above the ignorance, blaze up :).

  18. yea they think everyone is the stereotypical stoner.

  19. To be honest, i dont mind people who smoke cigarettes UNLESS:

    I cant breathe because of the smoke,
    if I have a sore throat then i stay wayyyyyyyyyy back.

    And if you're smoking ina car, that pisses me off too.

    But yeah, no real discrimination here.
  20. I just think it's hilarious when people dig you. Then they find out you smoke and all the sudden, without doing anything, you morph (in their eyes) from a smart, hard working person with good social skills, into this stupid slacker who just wants to eat pizza and play video games all day every day.

    It's crazy what a capability people have for self-deciet, I think it stems from insecurity honestly. They dont want to see a "pot-head" as just as good as them, it hurts their self esteem.

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