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Marijuana Suppository

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thccrystals, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. i think i will pass...and instead supposit the marijuana into a bowl....not to be confused with bowel because i do not see how buds and butts would go together, especially when the bud goes IN the butt...dont stick marijuana in your pooper.
    "im not tryin to stick weed in my butt" he says
    i say "who the fuck does..i have never heard anybody say 'hey! im TRYING REALLLLY HARD to stick some grass in my ass'"
    no, i do not want to hear that..please hold..firing up cigarillo.
    ......................................twelve....the number twelve.

  2. C'mon dude, admit it. You just tried it, didn't you?
  3. yes, i inserted a twelve foot bong directly into my colon.
  4. :eek:

    idk why, but the word "directly" is the funniest thing in this thread. and thats really saying somethin.

  5. sweet!! You f'd up or what??
  6. im on the way..
  7. how do you suck?
  8. i do not suck

    i lick.
  9. with your colon?
  10. indubitably.

    i think thats how its spelled.

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