Marijuana show on TV...annoying/funny

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    "it is estimated that 50% of all fires in the area are due to growing marijuana."
    what i just heard maybe two minutes ago. this lady just got on saying she was leaving her hometown because her neighborhood "went to pot...literally." all this in California. people are "ashamed" to see this kind of use of an illegal substance, and "shocked that an illicit substance could flourish so well"
    i know it's nothing new, but ugh. every word just bothers me more, but i have to watch it.
    "the marijuana industry is also taking a toll on the environment." then it showed the "pollution" created by the growing process. a natural substance...causing pollution?
    wait, thank god! someone competent. people with 75 years of growing experience between them. it causes more good than bad.
  2. Dude, I think you're talking about Marijuana Inc with that bitch Trish Rogan or something. Yea, they talk about how ridiculously easy it is to grow that shit and sell it....and growing pot in mass quantities to sell will cause pollution due to chemicals and generators those idiots use. Also, those people who were moving out of county are dumb as hell I agree. Its not a negative documentary I don't think....its just showing the industry in Cali.
  3. yea i watched that show too....its so annoying.

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