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  1. I thought I would let the rest of you potheads know about research done by NASA.
    NASA has taken to using spiders to test for the toxic effects of all different types of drugs instead of the previous use of the inhumane LD50.
    LD50(Lethal Dose 50%) is where they used to feed a certain dose to a group of laboratory rodents. they kept giving this dose to the animals until 50% of the poor little animals died from the toxic effects of the drug being tested.
    With the testing on spiders they use only one spider per test. when the spiders are drugged they build their webs according to how badly the drugs affect them.


    New Scientist published pictures of several different webs. two of these webs were caused by CAFFEINE and MARIJUANA.


    The picture of the caffeine web shows that caffeine which is a common ingredient in most soft drinks as well as coffee is a REALLY TOXIC SUBSTANCE.

    IF YOUR gOvErNmEnT really cared about its citizens, it would ban the addition of CAFFEINE as it is HIGHLY TOXIC compared to MARIJUANA

    view New Scientist at:

    for the picture comparison between MARIJUANA and CAFFEINE to see for yourself how toxic they are.
  2. I agree but dont let them know that, I love caffeine :)
  3. there would be no way to ban caffeine either, think of all the products its in that people love and some practically live on (including politicians!)

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