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Marijuana residue found at border

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ExpendableHero, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Hi. Quick question. Im a Canadian and I recently tried going to buffalo NY USA. My unfortunate luck was that I was in a random check (there were no white people in the waiting room for these checks either). I got a drug dog amd she found basically some crumbs.

    The guard gave me the usual strong arm tactics and I think I tripped him out with my Canadian politeness and honesty.

    Long story short I was told to "Get out of his country and not come back for a while" given a slip (I'll post it later when I edit name and plate number out). I asked how long? And was told two days.

    My question. Is my passport flagged? Will I be harassed at the boarder? Ill I always be checked with a dog? The offical document said that "Marijuana residue" was found. Not a set amount. It was just crumbs found. Less then a small bowl. Not even a pinch.

    Any help is appreciated. I asked the Canadian border patrol and they just shrugged. No hassle over the "residue" at all. The Canadian gaurd actually kinda laughed and said "that sucks"
  2. Here you go, thats the little slip I was given and asked to leave the country with and show to the Canadian boarder patrol, where I was met with a giggle and sent home.

    Bad day because the Leafs lost too

  3. that sucks a lot.
  4. Especially the part about the leafs.
    Jk that sucks bro where was the residue?
  5. Damn man! shitty cop or boarder patrol agent or whatever he was. That's pretty lame.
    I don't even :confused:
  6. Dude the US sucks. I live in NM and one time my friends and I got busted by the cops blazing and we gave him the empty baggy and we said we don't have anything left and he held the bag in front of his eyes and said..."naaahhhh...almost...there's a little piece right there...". The piece he was referring to was LITERALLY about 2mmx2mm, if that. I couldn't help but laugh at that shit. That's some bullshit.
  7. Residue was found in the centre console. By the gear shift bag. It was just a bit of shake, some crumbs that must have fallen while I rolled in my car over time, but I mean, when it was shown to me It was less then a pinch. Not even enough for one draw.

    I cleaned out my car, so there was no paraphernalia (papers, grinder). I must have missed the little dots of dust. I`travel over to buffalo from Toronto multiple times a year, and never had been searched with a drug dog. It was random.

    I answered all the usual questions (where you going? When will you be back? Why are you here? ect ect) I was polite and it was just me and my gf in the car. Nothing in the trunk but some tools and car washing stuff.

    But I want to know, with something so minor as not to be arrested, or even shown a weighed amount (which I asked for and was refused) or even have the Canadian Border Patrol be notified. I gave the slip back to the Canadian border patrol guard, had no problems, no papers to fill out, no dogs involed. I asked the Canadian side what happens, as the Americans did not want to answer any of my questions (I guess because Im not an American citizen and don't have rights there?). I was met with "Unfortunatly we run on different systems. Theres nothing I can really tell you."

    What will happen my next trip over the border? Should I be giving myself an extra hour at the border now? Will I be harassed over a few crumbs found again?

    Any help if this has happened to you would be great. Also for minor residue, what are the penalties in the USA?
  8. Why would you want to go to buffalo? Lol
  9. Some cops over here are assholes with little dicks. If they remember you they might pull you over again and search you. As for penalties it depends on the cop. I've been stopped with nothing but crumbs from a freshly smoked blunt in the ash tray and the cop made us go to court for it. But I've also been stopped with some friends and we had 2 freshly purchased teenths and 2 pipes and all the cop made us do was grind the bud up into the dirt and break the pipes, and he let us go with just a warning. I, like you, always treat cops with respect unless they are dicks for no reason. Those cops you can't do anything about. Unless they detained you I wouldn't worry about it. My friends have been busted with teenths crossing state borders and they just had to destroy it, they are looking for people trying to get large quantities across. Just be prepared to stop at the border check again.
  10. Marijuna? Fucking idiots
  11. The border guy sounds like he takes his job too hardcore.

    Omega369 :wave:
  12. ATTENTION!!!!

    According to this officer, MARIJUANA (sic) is now spelled MARIJUNA.
  13. U broke you're own pipes. Hardcore man hardcore. I could not imagine wanting to worry about people smoking a little green flower and then have the government wanting me to fuck the persons life up and lock them in a little cage. I couldn't do it. Who's the real bad guy???

  14. What the fuck?

  15. It what cops do genius.

  16. I think he was saying "what the fuck" because your post doesn't seem to have much to do with the thread. :p

    "U broke you're own pipes. Hardcore man hardcore."

    Where did he even say anything about that? :confused:
  17. Someone else posted it earlier in the thread.

  18. Ahh, I see.

    That makes a bit more sense now. :p
  19. Exactly...

    Kinda thought he posted in the wrong thread accidentally.

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