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Marijuana rehab

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jiggernex, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. What's it like? Pleasant or shitty? I've always wondered this...
  2. Never been there, but with friends/family who have been in all different kinds of rehab. And the lesson I have learned is rehab is NEVER pleasant, I mean why would it be? :)
  3. I imagine it would be a walk in the park considering marijuana is not addictive therefore there will be little to no withdrawal symptoms
  4. ive been there before, its shitty unless you really want to quit and do your work and dont get kicked out.
  5. How do they make sure you quit? And what's the typical day like?
  6. Well, the program itself is alright, but most people hate it simply because there's no weed there and they're suffering all massive withdrawal symptoms. It's safe though because luckily they have doctors there to stop it from killing anybody
  7. My dad used to work at a rehab, it's a highly stressful environment. Everybody is on edge. The days are supposed to be very structured, with various groups meeting at various times throughout the day. You got junkies who will sleep throughout most of the day and be complete fucking cocks all night long, so sleep can be a challenge. People get their shit/money stolen constantly, so you have to keep an eye on all your shit.

    It depends on where you go. The rehabs my dad went to/worked at were always high dollar, so you had a lot of rich kids who spent their parents money to get meth and shit, those types of junkies are usually really obnoxious.

    And I'm not using the word junkie to put these people down, I'm just saying that when people are going through major withdrawals they can act like fucking idiots.

    One dude pushed a 100 pound glass table off a balcony and it almost landed on my dad, fell about 4 feet away from him and just exploded. He also almost got beat up by angry junkies twice, before he finally had to quit.
  8. There's no TNT man.... All I wanted to do was watch the Shank :'(
  9. They have weed rehab?
  10. I never heard of weed rehab it might be with both man sorry.

    if it is. it sucks so much fiends and druggies bugging out i went twice. but some are okay. and they'll just talk tell you hella stories and there nice people.
  11. I been to a rehab center after being caught with weed at school, it was mandatory if I wanted to have a lower payment for the ticket, and I wanted a lower payment so I took the rehab. It was ineffective, the instructor just told the class about random stuff about drug use. Stuff like if your the middle child in the family, your more likely to use drugs and how being in jail and prison sucks. They didn't get to the root of the our drug usage, nor give healthy alternatives to drug use. That's where they failed. I stopped using cannabis during the rehab because they drug tested every 2 weeks, but I started using alcohol to replace my cannabis use. It didn't work-out, I failed one of the drug test for having alcohol in my system because I showed up to the rehab drunk on the day of the drug test. I eventually "graduated" from rehab and had a lower ticket payment, but all in all, it was ineffective. I kept on smoking afterward , till recently I found out the effects of exercise. Endorphins are better than getting high. The high from endorphins last longer, up to 12 hours, and are free!:D
  12. If I had to go I would show up blazed as fuck and then just stop smoking completely with no problem at all. I would always try being hella cheerful just to emphasize that their is no physical addiction to cannabis.
  13. Weed rehab is for quitters...

    But I guess on the bright side it serves as a t-break

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