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  1. okay, so this probably totally sucks, and i havent proofread it or edited it or anything, but i just sat down and wrote a poem about weed out of nowhere. totally spur of the moment and unplanned. tell me what you think of it--if you think it sucks, i wanna hear that. positive or negative, doesnt matter. go for it.

    i dont have a title for it either..any suggestions for a title would be appreciated.
    its pretty much written to marijuana haters and questioning if the real danger is in the plant or in the mindset of the law-abiding society.

    relinquish your mind from a world so unkind
    discover in your soul, the power you hold
    give in to the music
    let mental exploration consume your otherwise lifeless corpse
    until the day of no darkness
    is the danger in freedom or the law?
    journey to your wisdom.
    travel to your philosophy.
    fly from your mental shackles and chains.
    emancipate your essence.
    arrive at the eternal sunrise.
  2. i like it..its pretty cool and unique
  3. thanksss!
  4. I think it is great man, honestly. I don't know of a tittle for it either, but it reminded me of something i jotted down in a journal one time. Actually, I had forgot about it until now.
    I'm not trying to hijack sorry if you feel I am but here is what I wrote.

    in the eyes of the law
    they have no reason
    but treat you as though you've committed treason
    discover yourself, that's what i saw, it is not a flaw
    a superb state of being
    a new beginning
    their every reason, ever so thinning
    altering what was previously unseen
    if we like it, why do you care?
    you have a crutch
    so we aren't asking for much
    only for what is fair

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  5. haahah, no worries--i dont feel "hijacked" :p
    i really like yours too!
  6. Jack and Jill went up the hill
    to smoke some marijuana
    Jack got high and opened his fly
    and then said "Do ya wanna?" :smoking:
  7. haah thats awesome man!

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  8. ive heard that one many times before. dont be takin credit now.
  9. are you talking about OP?

    Happy Toking.:smoke:

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