Marijuana New School Indoor Cultivation (Paperback)

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    Marijuana New School Indoor Cultivation[​IMG]

    Product Description
    This comprehensive book provides step-by-step instructions for 20 affordable indoor growing setups. Packed with over 600 illustrations and photos, the book walks readers through the construction of both hydroponic and soil systems and shows how to maintain them throughout the growing season. Everything the budding gardener needs to know is covered in astonishing detail, including setting up a starter room, cloning, indoor designs, harvesting, drying, storing, troubleshooting, breeding, composting, as well as the latest tips and techniques.

    Marijuana New School Indoor Cultivation[​IMG]
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    I picked up this book recently - it is very idea-inspiring as it shows several different ways, using various inexpensive materials, to design a grow space. Although it covers the basics on other subjects related to growing, I wouldn't recommend it as a good reference for anything other than grow room design/logistics. But for that purpose, it is *very* good!
  3. An essential read to gain better understanding of the proper engineering of a grow space. This book is invaluable for the inquiring mind. Although not the best source for growing information, the principles are covered.

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