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Marijuana Mold questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JanMichaelVincent, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Alright so first post, new as new can be. Made an account basically to ask a few questions I'm having trouble finding information on.

    Also yes. I used the search function but got nothing, I'm on mobile so idk if I did it wrong or if there's no posts.

    Anyway. It's that same old mold issue, yknow the one we don't fuck around on. I just want to know what some more accurate ways of detecting it are on bud that I've purchased or had stored. Also, is there anything other than aspergillus spores present on weed that might glow yellow/greenish under UV light? What is weed meant to look like under a blacklight?

    Does weed that's gone sorta sticky on the inside and is also now an amber/orange/brown colour on the inside mean it's mouldy? Buds are sorta hard to pull apart but are dry for the most part.

    What does it mean if my bud smells like sweat? Or rather the jar they are in. This one kept turning up results for the other way round, but that doesn't help me. Not at all.

    What does mouldy bud taste like in a bong does anyone know? Any immediate noticeable effects?

    I know I'm asking a lot of questions but they're all curiosities I've struggled getting good info on.

    Thanks for any help sorry if I'm hard to understand quite stoned at the moment.
  2. Mold on buds looks pretty much like mold on veggies that have gone bad. It is visible mold. Usually white hairy crap. It may or may not smell. Black mold is generally on living plants. Properly dried and cured bud shouldn't get mold.
  3. But how do I really know if that's mold or if I'm looking at something else that sorta resembles it
  4. Sorry to double post but I'd mainly like to know why my jar smells like sweat and if the sticky and dark nature is due to mold as I have a couple of buds here that could be suspect and I don't wanna go messing with spores in my lungs. Chances are it won't hurt me but let's not risk it true?
  5. So toss those 2 nugs
  6. It's reasonable to do so, but I want to be sure I'm throwing away bad stuff first otherwise it's a bit of a senseless waste.

    I want to know how to identify, not just er on the side of caution. If u can accurately identify it, then I'm not going to have difficulty later on with either smoking bunk shit or throwing out stuff that's fine. :) I appreciate your contribution though thank you
  7. Do you think maybe it would be advantageous if you posted pictures of the buds in question?

    Another thing is, you state that the jar smells like sweat. I'd empty the jar, clean the jar and leave the bud out for a few hours to air out.

    Make sure you completely dry the jar before putting the bud back in.

    I personally would throw away anything I thought was suspect.
  8. I actually met your user name in a bar in about 1985. Some bar on Sunset in Hollywood if I remember correctly.
  9. The years haven't been kind to Mr. Vincent but I guess he's had some hard times.
  10. This is actually what I was kinda leading to. Dude was off his rocker drunk, spilled his drink on me, then tried to fight with me. It wasn't a nice meeting.
  11. Okay so sorry for the delayed response but I got it all sorted.

    I too am of the belief that if it looks suspect, throw it away, however I wasn't quite ready to cut my losses when I wrote this.

    I spoke to the person I got it from and organised a swap for better stuff.

    I would still like to know what different colours are expected to display under a blacklight though and whether or not this is a definitive measure in order to check for the presence of spores.

    If anyone has this information other than the "aspergillus spores are bright green" then that would be appreciated.

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    I honestly had no idea who the guy was until this thread forced me to google it. Pulled the name from R'n'M. Hahaha
    Sorry my handle treated you poorly
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  12. Dude was a dick but that was so long ago I haven't thought about it until I saw your username. It made me hope he's seeing better times honestly.
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