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marijuana memory loss

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by brain_stew, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. just stoned and curious...

    if someones been smokin for a long time and their memory is crap because of it, will it ever come back if one ceases to smoke for a period of time? like a tolerance break?
    thnx ppl
  2. always does for me, but then again i have only been smoking 10 months. should ask in seasoned tokers
  3. yeah bro. usually i smoke everyday. and if i go a day without smoking it seems like i remember alot more after that short of a period of time
  4. alright thnx ill try the seasoned tokers peace ppl!
  5. peace and welcome to the city.
  6. the only thing that affects my memory is possibly if i'm high and trying to remember shit, or I might not remember some shit that happened when i was high, but that only happens if i'm SUPER blazed

    i've never really had any problems with actual memory loss...i think that's bullshit
  7. Me too, I remember mostly everything. I gotta be pretty baked to forget shit and even when I do the shit I forget is insignificant. I think memory loss is bull shit. It's not like weed kills brain cells. Every negative stoner stereotype has never applied to me.
  8. please only post in one section of the forums.
  9. If i have to multi task than sometimes i forget what im suppose to do and just blank out
  10. I'm a straight A philosophy major and i've been smoking for years. I've never had a problem with memory loss, I do agree that it does affect your short term memory though, but on a larger scope I highly doubt that It affects memory.

    There have been no cases of indigenous bud cultures that have lower memory abilities due to its consumption.

  11. yeah bro, totally know what you mean

    never had any of that shit happen, long-term memory loss is bullshit
  12. im only affected that day and sometimes the day after. Matters how much i smoked lol
  13. Yup, I am just as sharp as the day I started smoking. I actually feel I have become smarter in a lot of aspects. People that say weed fucks up your long term memory should give up at life.
  14. I keep meaning to post a thread like this but I keep forgetting...

    Just kidding. Some people do have short term memory loss from smoking. It's only in effect for about as long as the buzz lasts. I've been smoking for 30 years almost every day and I can still remember...what were we talking about? I'm hungry.

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