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marijuana medicine in paris, france

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by moralmedicine, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. I am an American Brit in Paris. I have a legal medical marijuana card. Now I know this is not valid in Paris but there was once a time it wasn't valid in America too! However, brave moral people fought the good fight to make medical marijuana legal in the US.
    Now I visit Paris regularly and I would like to find a proper person who can supply me with my medicine. I am ill and I would be very grateful to make a donation for either hash or cannabis. Due to it's illegal status in Paris I would want to share a smoke with the person before any donation is made.
    I am just an ordinary person with an illness who would like to have some medicine whilst in Paris. That's it. I would appreciate any assistance in this. And I do not want to buy from a street seller because I have seen the scene and it is very dodgy. I do not think a person should have to go through such a nerve wracking process simply to purchase their medicine.

  2. <span>Personne ne va vous donner un lien sur un forum public.</span>
  3. how do i post to a private forum then. Sorry i am new to this.  :hide:
  4. Hello, I'll be spending a month in Paris and I need help. 
    Je vais vivre a Paris pour Aout et Septembre et J'ai besoin d'aide. 
    Merci bien

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