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Marijuana makes your brain bigger and your penis larger.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ajames33, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. If only that were true...First post, i want to say that the community seems to be very helpful and friendly and Im glad to now be apart of it. I will be growing in under a year and will be working with about a $4000 budget. Im planning on having two bedrooms to my use on about 5 acres out in the country. Thinking about using 4-6 90w ufo led's for veg and whatever equivilent lighting in HPS for flowering. What Ive been researching lately is what kind, if any, ventilation, cooling, co2 system I may use. I used to pay 30-35 bucks for an 1/8 of poop weed in the dorms last year, and still have trouble finding reasonable and consistant hook-ups on some decent pot. I want to provide my friends with the good pot they deserve and not get raped on the price either. Let me know what you think, tips, thoughts, suggestions, or just to chat.
  2. my tip to you is, if you are living anywhere around Morgantown, West Virginia, then come to me for all of your cheap bud needs....better than that brown dirt shit, and cheaper than the socalled dank that many people try to push for anwhere from $40 to $60 an 8th......anyway, just to be a tech dick, on that whole makes your brain and penis bigger thing, that would be good for a while until it just becomes a complete trade off for a large dick in exchange for KILLER migranes since your skull isnt growing any larger with your brain....LoL anyway hit me up for the bud i dont get ripped off anymore and i dont rip anyone off, except for dummy little kids
    sounds like you got a good Battle Plan set up for this whole grow thing so go for it, your friends will love you, and you might even be able to make a lil extra on the side....not to mention all the cheap weed your growing and smoking yourself i hope to start a thread like this one here in the next year as well GOOD LUCK TO YOU FELLO BLADE
  3. lol nice hook man. I spent the last month or so of college researching marijuana horticulture on my own time and let me tell you theres no end to the shit you can learn. Not all of it is as practical as it is just interesting but I enjoy it because Im a big weed connoisseur so I just like to learn whatever I can about it.

    I like your noble cause of providing reasonably priced dank to your friends, that is my plan as well, and If i can provide a service doing something I love and avoid working some bullshit 9-5 why not. Not to mention doing my part for the cause, lets overgrow the government man.
  4. About the title, Marijuana has been scientifically proven that It increases brain cells. Marijuana can also make your penis larger. Marijuana increases the blood flow through out the body and can help people with Erectile Disfunctions. So over time with the more blood being carried to the penis there might be a difference in penis size. There isn't as much research behind marijuana curing ED since the government is telling people that it causes it as one of their many lies.
  5. yeah i think i forgot to mention that part..OVER GROW THE U.N.I.T.E.D S.T.A.T.E.S G.o.V
    Eventually they will be the ones coming to US for THEIR tax returns because the system will ULTIMATELY FAIL and the stoners will PREVAIL
    Bill Gates, Don Trump, WATCH OUT
  6. weed does induce neuron growth so it does make the brain bigger

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