Marijuana makes me unhappy because of recent relationship problems.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Cruzicle, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. So I'm in this relationship with this girl. Sometimes she says shit when she is stoned that is really mean, and often brings people to hang out that she knows I don't like. When I'm high I find that all it does is make me feel worse. But if I wasn't high, then I would probability kill her friends. So I need advice of what to do about this, because I'm starting to feel smoking is making me unhappy more often then not. Even when I'm not with her or her friends.
  2. Sounds like you need to put the pants on bro. Man up.
  3. Yeah... I got that from our best friends too. But I'm worried if it keeps up, then smoking will just depress me. And the I have back pains to worry about without depression when I smoke.
  4. tell her to stop acting like a b#$%
  5. U with ur mom lol dump that bitch dumbass..
  6. If you're not happy with her then why are you still with her. If it is something that is persistent then you shouldn't be forcing yourself to be in a bad situation and medicating just to prevent yourself from becoming aggressive towards people you don't want to be around in the first place.
  7. if shes making you unhappy just dump her and her friends,and what strain of weed you tokin ,some strains seem to make depression worse,if your smokin a mainly indica strain for the pains try a strain that's a bit more sativa ,mac
  8. As a Female I agree, Dump her ass. She has no respect for you, there are a million and one cool chicks who will make you feel like a MAN and not give up unnecessary drama that only serves to blow your high!
  9. Well I guess you guys are right. I'm gunna dump her and switch strains... wish me luck.
  10. [quote name='"Cruzicle"']Well I guess you guys are right. I'm gunna dump her and switch strains... wish me luck.[/quote]

    You should try an hit that one more time before you do though. Not sure how long of a dry spell u might be on. Haha
  11. I have no problem with a dry streak, I think it will be good for me.
  12. dump her forreal make her cry when you do it
  13. I'm not going to hurt her out if spite, that's just sick.
  14. You sound way too nice. Any girl who finds out about this is going to walk all over you like a door-mat, if you can't stand up for yourself.

    I remember when I thought being nice to women who treat you horribly might change them... yeah, doesn't work like that.
  15. I am way to nice, this is true. But being an ass for no reason is pointless.
  16. If you wanna stay with her quit smkoing weed for a little and see if you're happier. If you don't give a shit about her then dump her.
  17. In this situation, it's not for "no reason". It's simply because she treated you horribly, and never even considered what you have to say.

    I guess you must be a real stoner to just let that happen, or maybe you like pain... but I wouldn't stand for it. :D
  18. I care about her, but more days than not I'm not happy ..... sorry for putting my personal life problems on here.
  19. And yeah, I guess you are right.
  20. I'm not saying to be a jerk, I'm just saying don't let her keep using you. You deserve better, man. :hello:

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