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Marijuana Made Me A Softie

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Iraqiunit, May 19, 2010.

  1. I don't know if it has happened to any of you but before i started i was pretty mean and made fun of people but once i started smoking regularly my drive to make fun of people went away completely, has this happened to any of you.
  2. Its prolly for the best
  3. yeah,im more empathetic now :smoke:
  4. Why the hell would you want to make fun of people anyway?
  5. Because being a bully is against human nature.

    Mary makes us right.
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    You think that's bad... I've been training to be a mma fighter for two years now... And I started smoking very recently. My drive/ killing mentality has gone away... I have anger issues and now all I want to do is kick back and smoke weed all day...

    Edit: When I say killing mentality I mean in the ring when I'm sparring, I'm not a murderer lol
  7. Its called maturity.


    marijuana makes the user a pacifist, kinda a reason why weed is illegal, If the country is stoned, No one will fight a war.
  8. Ehh mostly because this guy sucked and told S.R.O i had weed
  9. Are you upset about this? It sounds like it changed you for the better.:)
  10. I subscribe to the "I'm really hard to piss off, if you managed to do it, you're in some deep shit" mentalitly.
  11. I started smoking years ago.

    But since then, friends have said that i've mellowed out & more chill. I used to be like; he loud energetic WHATS GOIN On?!??!??! LETS GETTHIS PARTY CRACKN !!!!!! but now i'm just the chill whats up dude. lol
  12. Nah im happy that it has less likely to get arrested for assault
  13. Yeah I use to be one who just would pound someones face in you know, but marijuana slapped me into noticing that I didn't like that. It helped me realize to blow off bullshit, and not always just use violence. Blow stupid shit off. Never really was into making fun of people, because I got made fun of pretty much pre-k through 7th grade so I was never for that.
  14. hmmmm... call me a cynic, but i would disagree strongly with this. i think human nature is to want and take and want some more, nietzsche will to power type shit.

    though i would say weed makes us more human in a sense that we relax, engage our creativity, find solace in logic and rationale (for some of us), unite in joy and misery with our others (who hasnt shared a toke with the buddy through a breakup?). but i would say these things are contrary to our basic animal, biological nature. but thats what makes them human and special in a sense:hello:
  15. hahaha i bet if i couldnt smoke weed i'd be a total asshole, but im happier stoned, and love making other people happy, share the jah, ya know?:smoke:
  16. It stopped you from being an asshole, and that's surely a good think :D ?

  17. THIS. Cannabis can help people mature more, but remember it effects everyone differently.
    First the goverment says it makes you violent, now it makes you a pacifist.
    Both bad in their eyes LOL.
  18. i enjoy this whole thread :)
    i found myself to be more relaxed and not care about much lmao.
    but im not stupid enough to forget stuff that is actually really important.

  19. I will only rebuttal in saying that whilst you are correct in saying that the want for power or authority (greed) is our basic ANIMAL nature, cannabis only augments the trait that seperates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. Compassion.

    I think that makes sense... I'm super baked. :smoking:
  20. >>>agntpedro

    exactly what i wanted to get across haha thank you! im studying for the lsat right now and i think everything i say is getting jumbled into a logic game:confused_2:

    i find when im not smoking weed im really negative regarding my fellow man, as well as letting my solipsistic tendencies drive me into even more of a hermit

    ive found that my smoking sessions with my friends help me remember how nice it is to just sit down and be with others

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