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Marijuana losing its "magic"?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WishfulThinker, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Okay not exactly, I still get high as shit.

    Ever since I lost my job a couple months ago I'm such a conservative smoker, planning out how much to smoke, if I smoke that much how much will I have left and when will I need to pick up again and how far will that go? Will I be sufficiently stoned off that amount?

    I don't like doing it and I wish I could kick the habit because I can never get it off my mind when i smoke and during my high. It somewhat kills it and its such a dumb thing to do to myself.

    Just curious if any of you experience this and if you do/have before, how did you conquer it?
  2. Also, would changing up my smoking medium help? I smoke primarily outta the old chillum. I also smoke a fair amount of j's.
  3. EDIT: completely misread this haha :bongin:

    Hmm i know what you mean man i have this same problem.
  4. Take a break or invest in a vaporizer to save buds
  5. I'm a very conservative smoker..
    And only buy a quarter per month.
    I look at it like this...
    I'd rather get high every day for a whole month
    Than getting blasted a few days and have nothing left..

    -Stay blazed my friends
  6. Well the other night my friend gave me one of the portable eclipse vapes, I'm very appreciative of it, but its kind of difficult and time consuming to use. I might just not know the best way to go about using it but I'd love to find out.

    The 2 bowls I attempted to vape resulted in minimal highness and they were both dark brown and popcorn tasting after 3-4 hits.
  7. i try to be a conservative smoker too, but dont let that kind of stuff bother you. you smoke the weed, dont let the weed smoke you. if its really that mentally distressing you might want to consider taking a break or at least slowing down, just my opinion though
  8. Well yeah that's how it is with everyone. Of course life would be better if we could all smoke an ounce a day and not give a fuck about how much it costs. It's the money, not the weed.
  9. I think your best option would be to smoke more weed less frequently. Seriously. I found myself doing the same thing and not enjoying the high, and I got thinking about it... Then realized that the times I enjoyed weed the most were the times I didn't pay attention or worry about how much I'm smoking.

    Just gotta find a way to make yourself stop caring about the numbers, because that's all they are :)
  10. If you are a conservative smoker with a vape you can vape about 3 times a day off of 1/8 every 3 weeks.
  11. yea thats what I do, but I vape 5ish times a day and an 1/8th lasts me 10 days, which is saving me a ton

    I re-up whenever I get to my last 1/8th, so I always have a personal stash
  12. you're burning all your weed[exclamation mark] use the hot knives method or use a gravity bong/regular bong or bubbler. save your resin too and i would suggest a vaporizer but those are expensive..
  13. I have learned from experience that it is best to quit for a while when weed stops being special, when using it as a "drug". Everybody is different so do you, but myself and a few others i have known have said the same thing.

    After learning how medicinal cannabis really is i now feel it should be treated as a medicine, so if the medicine is not doing anything for you physically or mentally it doesn't make much sense to me to continue the use.

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