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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by hippie john, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. it would be ok if the government made you like read a guide to marijuana, and like issued a licence. that worked just like a drivers licence, you hade to renew it every few years. and if you had a licence, you could grow a certain amount of pot for the appropriate licence, like you need a special licence for personal growing, and a commercial grower, and a dealer, or just a basic user. even if there was specific amount that could be leagal on each different case. like dealers were aloud to have more than a personal user, but the dealer had to show income for all the extra pot. i think they could probably mach a shitload of money, and get richer than now, if it were legal.

    i need to send this somewhere.

    c+p ed
  2. Have you contacted NORML? They support similar mj rights...growing your own, etc. Check them out @
  3. Word, I've had thoughts about this too. If they can't stop it, why not allow it and just regulate it.

    They could easliy make their money off citizens purchasing permits/licenses and we would have our glorious herb to enjoy.

    Everyone would be happy.
  4. yeah that would be cool, except why would they give a license for dealing, when the dealers would just be selling to people who dont have a license which would defeat the whole purpose
  5. thats a pretty good idea.. lets just start it and the government can join in whenever they want :D

  6. that's how everything should work

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