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marijuana legalized in colorado can i go there to buy seeds?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by burningbush93, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. since they made marijuan completely legal in colorado does that mean while im there for a wedding i can go buy seeds from a dispensary or anywhere else. i really hope i can cause i have never been able to order seeds online and have never been able to find a bagseed strain that i liked very much. if anyone knows anything about this i would really apritiate your help and yes legalization will be in effect by the time i get down there.
  2. nope not yet, not till next year.
  3. it will be in effect when im down there i just dont know if i can buy seeds while im there or if its just for residents etc
  4. No, really as of right now they have quit busting anyone with an 1oz>. You can't walk around and smoke and you cannot openly purchase from anyone or business
  5. Who are you going to buy seeds from? Most everyone who grows are growing from clones or are growing femenized plants. No seeds to be had. I'm afraid you are going ti have to buy them online if you want seeds.
  6. They sell seeds in some dispensaries.

    I would imagine you could probably buy them at stores once they exist. Have to wait to see. . . .
  7. izzy thats what i was thinking but like u said i guess well have to wait and see. it doesnt seem like anyone has a good understanding on what is going to happen.
  8. A good friend of mine from U.P. MI tells me when he goes to the dispensary, they sell you the seed for 15 bucks. Then the gram of bud they give you is free. I guess that's how that works in MI.
  9. MI is not CO, however.
  10. From what I've gathered from research, you will not have to be a resident to buy from shops or dispensaries once it is all finalized.

  11. I was only sharing my experience. But, thanks anyway for pointing out that MI and CO are two different states.
  12. Sorry, but whenever someone asks a question specific to CO, someone chimes in about CA, WA, OR, MI,.... The laws in each individual state are completely different, so your post about MI laws is completely irrelevant to the OP's question and confuses people who don't live in a medical/legal state. If the question were about MI, I wouldn't feel the need to say what the laws were in CO, since it would be useless info.
  13. No it will be at least a year before they get written laws for stores, personal use out in public, etc. and yes a lot of people up her grow, but everybody I know just shares clones. You're best bet would be to get up here and find someone with a card, which is actually really easy to do lol
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    I had my CO red card for a while, and the dispensary where I went had clones and seeds.

    I've also bought seeds online a few times and never had any problems getting them.
  15. Haha not till a while down the road my brother,we will see when it comes. Smoke on :)
  16. actually weedtime im glad you mentiond that because i could just buy some seeded bud a grow them out. the only prob is the bud might be polenated by another strain? i dont think the dispensorys would grow the strains seprately unless they want some of the seeds for themselvs or would they all be grown togeather resulting in accidental crosses. i hope i can buy some seeds up there in the future because i grow for me and a few other people for a wide range of medical reasons in a state without mmj. the bigest problem i have is that every bag seed i find here is a sativa. the problem with that is me and a few others really need a heavy body high that doesnt raise hart rate and doesnt make you paranoid.
  17. With the amendment, all "recreational" users will have to purchase from new stores and will not be allowed by law, to purchase from a medical dispensary.

    As they have it written, we're looking at next November before any stores can open, and that's if the municipalities don't put a stop on it all prior to then. Interesting times, we shall see.

    I just ordered seeds from Attitude - works great and I highly recommend them. Customs held if for a week, but I am very pleased.
  18. You may be able to find some clones in a dispensary if you find one.
    There are planty that sells clones here in Cali
  19. hey bbush93....did you ever make it to Colorado?  were you able to buy seeds without a card?am interested cuz I may be n colo in a few months and was wondering the same thing u were......do tell
  20. not if your gonna try and take it out of state to grow your own. 

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