Marijuana Legalization - The Good News Thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by GM-2X, Nov 30, 2011.

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    I wanted to start a thread where nothing but positive and good marijuana legalization news could be posted.

    We can always check and submit to this thread to brighten our days.
    Things like successful rallies, decriminalization, medicinal marijuana legalization, political figures speaking for legalization, public figures speaking for legalization, positive scientific marijuana studies, and full legalization are ideas for good news posts.

    I'll go 1st with some breaking topics today.

    1. 10g of marijuana decriminalized in Evanston.
    2. Florida Medical Marijuana returns with likely pending legislation passage.

    Lets keep this thread going.
  2. "the false sense of comfort thread"

    just sayin...

  3. I have to agree, as bad as it is ,bad news is what makes good news so enjoyable and exciting . Everything comes with a dash of bad but you must not or should I say you " shouldn't" put your blinders on with simply good news. That isn't a full spectrum of the reality of whats actually occurring out there.:smoke:

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