Marijuana Laws for Growing [READ]

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  1. what is the puinishment for a minor growing marijuana ... 2 plants indoor ?

    posting this for a friend
  2. if minor you mean under 18 id worry about leaving this site first and dont tell daddy your growing pot in his house.
  3. come on man give him some real advice

    Californians are supposed to be nice to stoners, young and old alike :smoking:

    I'm gonna be a dick in a different light though:
  4. i did google , i couldnt find the answer so i came to a marijuana forum to ask .. cant seem to find an answer friend keeps bugging me telling me to post cuz hes not 18 ... can i get some help please ?
  5. My guess is, depending on where you live, Probation w/ drug testing, possible drug school rehab bullshit and maybe juvy.

    So, be smart and grow outdoors :cool:
  6. you think he can get juvy time ? he told me to mention hes 16 and itll be his first time
  7. lol i guess your right also i did grow in my dads yard when i was in highschool
    but we also dont need liability on this forum for minors yaknow?
    dtay outta trouble OP
  8. any more opinions ?
  9. You need to give us a little more information. Law isnt the same all around the world so we need a state/province to give you any usefull information.
  10. Aio, quantitas magna frumentorum est.
  11. ... spanish?


    I only said juvy because a younger friend of mine might have to for possession... and this is California :eek:

    usually cultivation entails harsher punishment, but you know what they say, possession is 9/10 of the law
  12. I live in new jersey .....!
  13. Latin.:D Translation: Yes, that is a very large amount of corn.
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    Now we are getting places, was that a Freudian slip?

    This will tell you everything you need. New Jersey - NORML

    He might get juvy. I don't know much about new jersey laws, or laws regarding minors. He will get more if there is any evidence of intent to sell.

    And that certainly wont be alot of corn :p
  15. No thanks, I don't need any.
  16. yeah i saw that , but it doesnt explain for minors
  17. Cultivation in California for non patients is a felony. It is a 16-36 month incarceration period for people over 18. I dn about under 18.
  18. can i get a legit answer -(

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