Marijuana Laced With PCP

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  1. This one time me and my friends bought a bag off some kid we knew. We decided to roll a nice G blunt. So we smoke, blah blah, and as soon as it comes down to the roach, we decide to use a 2 liter bottle as the roach killer. So as we're hitting the roach, I stop smoking because im high as hell and tell them im gonna start heading back to the house.(This was all before we knew the bud was laced) So as im walking my vision becomes really fucking weird, almost as if you were looking at one of those pictures taken using photobooth on the iMACs ( you know? they sorta look like your looking at one of those mirrors that makes everything all wobbly and whatnot) and I think to myself "Man, this is some awesome fucking bud!". My friend told me my eyes look like they had gotten pepper sprayed! So the next day we ask the kids what type of bud that was, and they told us it was PCP bud. I just thought to myself "No fucking wonder I was so high".:smoking:

    So anybody have similiar stories?
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    It doesnt really sound like it was laced with PCP.
    If you werent throwing cars across the street you werent high on PCP.
  3. umm ive smoked pcp and that does not sound like pcp just good bud
  4. sounds like you were really, really...

  5. yeah dont sound like pcp fool. sounds like some normal ass bud. pcp tastes like chemically metallic and is very distinct. youd know for sure if it was real.
  6. Dude, because weed makes your eyes bloodshot, does not mean hard drugs make them MORE bloodshot. That was NOT PCP. I've never even tried PCP, and I know for fact that wasen't it.
  7. definatly man :smoke::smoke:
  8. hah everyones heckling his story...a couple years ago i was in SC at this surfin n campin thing and i met a bunch of other kids, before i went down there my friend had askd me to pick himk up a fat sack because he was busy workin when i gave him the shit he broke me off a decent nug for my trouble, anyway back in SC i was sleepin in this tent with some other fool n im like you wanna smoke a joint so were passin it back n forth, barely half way through we hear all kinds of noise outside n decide to put it out. there i was in my sleepin bag after ten mins my heart rate was crazy n i felt like someone was chasing me (still laying in my sleepin bag). then i started to hallucinate. you know when you close your eyes and see crazy patterns and shit it was like that but overlayed on my vision while my eyes were open it took me a while to calm the fuck down and sleep the next mornin the dude i smoked with asked me if it was laced, i didnt know n just said naaw thats just the dank we smoke in the bay. when i got home from my surfin i smoked the roach one night, i then ate the best fruit salad of my life outa the fridge n went through all my tv channels i was so high i couldnt follow any of the shows for like more than 30 secs
  9. pcp or what?
  10. is laced bud even that common?

    i mean honestly, it just seems like a waste of time/money for whoever is makin it
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    It might not have been PCP it might have been something else, but I definately know it was laced with something because for the 3 years that i've been smoking weed, its never made my vision look like this

    and one of my friends stopped in front of a car and started laughing and panicking because he thought the headlights were trying to suck him in.. I don't know.. The kids told us it wasn't laced with much, but enough to change the high.
  12. Its just the name of the strain haha its not laced bro
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    Lolol yeah OK... your bud had PCP in it

    Edit.... wow this thread is old lol

  14. Nice move bringin back a thread that's more than 3 years old

    are you on pcp?
  15. I dont know about you guys...
    But ive got a whole gallon of pcp right here...
  16. Your shit was laced ...... With THC

    Wonder what OP thinks about that blunt
  17. Some strong strains can make you hallucinate Ive hallucinated off weed before its not pcp just good weed man.

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