Marijuana kept me from suicide and depression.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by LovingTree, May 23, 2010.

  1. Life was good, but once High School came around, I became very depressed and frusturated. The pressure my dad expected grade wise and the girl trouble.

    Freshman year was alright. My sister was a senior. I always saw her smoking these "blunts" and "joints" with some people, and boy they were always so chill.

    The thing I noticed about people who smoke marijuana are generally easy to talk to, friendly, and are open to strangers and people wanting friends.

    I was a bit chubby back in my underclassmen years. In 9th and 10th grade, I was a bit fat, and girls never really paid any attention to me. I always saw my friends getting hot girls. I wished I had that.

    I was always the kid in each of my classes who would have the answer first and who had to answer everything. I always always trained that way. My dad told me he never did drugs in college in the 70's. He went to college in California. I believed him, and I figured that weed is horrible.

    Jr. Year came and I finally started to "grow." and thin out quickly There were a few girls. But Rachel, she took my breath away to me. I really thought she liked me. Turns out she just wanted someone at the time. She broke my heart.

    This kinda thing happened through much of this year and last year. I know girls come and go, but on top of the grade stress and not being able to hang with people as much as I wanted, I started to rebell.

    Ever since I started doing marijuana, life has been so much better. I have managed time to do school work, have great friends, and date girls.

    Marijuana allows me not to freak out everytime my dad yells at me or calls me stupid. It makes me feel like I can enjoy life with friends.

    God bless you guys and thanks grasscity for not letting me get ripped. I learned a lot about weed on this forum. More than any one good friend could.

  2. Wow, I just dont know what to say....that was a pretty awesome story:smoking:
  3. Teenage girls are nothing to concern yourself with. After all, most people change when in highschool or around that time in their life.

    But either way, it's good to hear that your life is good now. Keep it up, bro.
  4. "doing marijuana" lol
    but nyways yeah man i've been in your exact position, i know where you're comin from. maryj frees my mind. without it i would've done stuff i'd regret
  5. Exactly.
    I wish the government would see this.

    This is way better than anti depressants. Way better.
  6. they don't want you to know this. They want you as an un-opinionated slave who take there pharms. Good job breaking the cycle
  7. Same here, man. I started smoking weed at a time when I was having serious thoughts of suicide and it really helped me chill out and get a grip on my life.

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