Marijuana is a herb?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by celticweedlover, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. Ive been looking at some grow guides recently that have suggested that MJ is a herb,
    Let me quote "a herbacious plant, therefore its a herb"
    This totally annoyed the hell out of me cos any1 who knows anything about horticulture
    knows that Herbacious does not mean its a herb, it means it has no wood in its stem,
    I just thought id get that one off my chest cos its annoying to see so many grow guides that talk a lot of s***,
  2. Not sure if it is an herb or not, but according to "Webster" it is, and I quote:" a widely cultivated Asian herb of the mulberry family."

    Mulberry?............never knew that.....I guess you learn something new every day
  3. i guess this is where i come in.

    no, its not in the mulberry family, Moraceae

    its in its own family, Cannabaneae

    its in the same supgrouping as mulberry but distinct family.

    cannabaneae also has hops in the family...those are the two genus. if u ever look at a hops plant...its also male/female and u use the female 'cola' to brew beer. males are really not grown unless u are trying to produce seed. hops grow usually from rhizomes.

    as to the term 'herb'

    yes it does mean that its a herbacious habbit or as clonemeister says...non woody. north of the subtropics...herb usually is an annual.

    herb really has no botanical meaning other than that...tho some put on the added part that the 'herb' has to be used in some sort to humans, drug, food, etc.

    herb really is just a sub for the longer term of herbacious.
  4. over here it's even illegal to grow male hops. don't' know why because they don't smoke that well ;)

  5. lol,

    wheres " over here"?
  6. belgium, where i live they produce it for beer. Think the law is to keep the females unpollinated so there are no weight tricks and quality loss
  7. yeah that makes sence,

    belgium beer is quite nice, i hope they look after the chocolate as well as the hops, id b well pissed off if anything happend to that.

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